2001 A Tail of Two Cities

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As the boys reached their forties in May of 2001, they began to worry about middle-age type stuff, well, like cholesterol!  Since they were worried that it might be low, they surveyed the map and decided where was the best place for a proper diet..... California cuisine, no way!!! They wanted Cheese Steaks; wid!!! (to be explained shortly). What better place for cholesterol than Philadelphia.  They went to Philly and after a day of partaking patriotism at Ben's old house, Independence Hall (no,, not divorce court!), and sumptuous cheese steaks, the boys headed up the east coast through the Joisey shores (New Jersey for us Midwesterners) to New York City's own Coney Island.  The boys finished their last evening partying in New York's fashionable "Parlour" Irish Pub, up in Manhattan's venerable Upper West-Side.  Truly a Tale of Two Cities.

Day 1: Cheese Heads slurping Cheese Steaks at Pats   (Wid!!!)

Day 2:  Two Hot Dogs supping coney's at Coney Island

Day 3:  Valley Boys at Valley Forge