The Adventures of Mike and Bone!


Their Motto: A life lived foolishly, is a life well spent!!!!

These are the ongoing adventures of Mike Spencer and Tony (Bone) Giordano. Follow the hijinks and hilarity of these two adult adolescents who for over thirsty, err, thirty five years (!!!) steadfastly, and obstinately refuse to grow up even if the cruel hand of time pushes them from middle-aged morons to addled old timers! Regardless of their physical frailties, Read on how Mike and Bone trek and traverse the gardens and ghettos across the globe in the pursuit of: annoying locals; enjoying local curiosities, and the pursuit of the perfect pint of the Guinness!

Just how did all this nonsense start?

Way back in 1983, two down and out, ne'er-do-wells were barely making a living as pizza makers at an Italian restaurant in the quaint suburb of Berkley Michigan known locally as Sila's Pizzeria. In addition to their common contempt for co-workers, customers, and the world in general (see the Kevin Smith movie, Clerks), they discovered that they shared many common interests, including:

Since their first high adventure in 1984, they have shared the life experiences of wives, divorces, new wives, children, college, new careers, new homes and the utter horror of creeping class respectability. To combat this mass delusion, they still go on their silly little adventures, looking for that next cool punk bar, Irish Pub, desert skyline, mountain cliff, and again, the perfect pint of Guinness.

Map of Misdeeds

Mike and Bone's known path of world destruction from their various "Tour Stops."

Dedications and Disclaimers

This silly little site is dedicated to our families, without whom we wouldn't have the rich full lives that we have the unparalleled opportunity to experience (well OK, with out them, we would definitely have a lot more hangovers!!)

NOTE: Any use or reproduction of this material must have the written consent of God herself.  Any characters or events represented here that resemble actual, normal, adult human behaviouis ludicrous, absurd, ridiculous, and most likely improbable. @Copyright 2011 Bunghole Press, extremely limited.


2023 Roman da North in Planes Trains and Automobiles!

2022 Roman da Middle East!

2021 Cruisin' and Abusing PCH

2021 Say Ya! to Da YouPee!!


2010 - 2020!

2019 The 35th Year Anniversary: Goin' Cold Turkiye!

2018 Ice, Ice, Baby!

2017 Good Timey Souuthern Hospitality!!!

2017 Over Dere !

2016 Mike and Bone, Do, Peru!!!!

2016 The Burning of Atlanta, Part Two

2016 Orange you glad we went Bowling? Citrus Bowling?

2015 Hoosier Daddy Tour

2015 Having a Riot in Bonamore, Mikeyland!!

2014 The 30th Year Anniversary: Rocking the Kasbah !!

2014 Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Pizza !

2013 Adventures in the Land of the Rising Fun !

2013 ND Michigan Under the Lights !

2013 Bone's Last Stand !

2012 Dawging it !

2012 Bama Beatdown !

2012 Blues Brothers Tour

2011 Razing Arizona !


2000 - 2010!

2010 Civil Whites Tour

2009 Motor City Bowling

2009 Doing the "D"

2009 Gettin' Gettysburg

2008 Go Big Dead !!!

2008 Boones Farm Monkey Shine

2008 The Making Charlotte our Bitch Tour

2007 Havin' Fun on US-1 !

2007 Stealing the Steel City

2006 Getting our kicks on Route 66 !

2006 Visiting the "Friendly (?!?)" Confines of Wrigley Field

2005 "Having a Cocktail at the Worlds Largest Cocktail Party"

2005  " Houston, We have a Problem !!"

2005  Irish I was in New York !!

2004  Eastside !!!! The Ed Sheehy Memorial Tour

2004 Messin' With Texas

2003 The Missed-Adventures of Lewis and Clark

2002 Mt Rainier 1, Mike and Bone 0 !!!

2001 A Tail of Two Cities


1990 - 2000!

2000  Golly ! its the Gauley !

2000  BlackBeard's Revenge Tour

1999  Washington DC: The Capital Crimes Tour

1999  NYC: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Tour

1998  Oh my Cod!!!  its New England!!!

1997  The Charles Kuralt Memorial Tour

1996  Riding US 12 - Operation: Denigrate Democrats

1995 Operation: Desert Storm (The Heber Jones Memorial Tour)                                                                                

1994  Wasting Away in Margaritaville

1993  Cape Fear: The Outer Banks

1992  River Running with the Trans"manian" Devil

1990 to 1992: The "Ellen Degenerate" Years


The Eighties!

1989  Dancin' on a Volcano

1988  California Screamin'

1984  N'Orleans Worlds Fair

Special Features

There are things that Mike and bone do on their epic sojourns into the insanity and inanity that are both idiotic and interesting !!! (Strangely enough !)

2019 A Sinatra Sixies Suarez in da Big Apple!! 

Running Fools

Programmed for Hot Dogs Mike and Bone are "known" conningsewer's er, Connoisseurs of the complex tubesteak !

Pigskin "Playa's" You can't talk about Mike and Bone and not talk about College Football !!

River Runnin' Men Boys like to play in water, Mike and Bone like to play in BIG Waters !!!

Bone Alone Tours Some of Bone's Solo Stuff

Mike Alone Tours   Some interesting pictures of Mike past, and present solo adventures!


Coming Retractions: Intended Campaigns of future desolation, destruction, and drunkenness

Dippin' their toes in the Artic Ocean!

Mongol Monkeys!

Chasing 'old Abe - Finding Lincoln's Logs

The Appalachian Trail [Multi-trip]

The Oregon Trail

Keltic Adventures