2003 The Missed-Adventures of Lewis and Clark

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"Low Key". Low key was the promise Bone made to Mike after the Rainier adventure for their next outing in late July of 2003.  In addition to a low stress trip, they wanted to celebrate the bi-centennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Bone read the following advertisement in Men's Journal for a Lewis and Clark expedition in Idaho on the Salmon river which stated:

Lewis and Clark Adventures

North Fork, Idaho

On the Salmon "River  of No Return", at the base of the Lost Trail Pass

We are here to provide you with the ultimate Lewis and Clark Adventure.

  • Experience the mountains as the Corps of Discovery saw it 200 years ago.
  • Float the Salmon river with our experienced outfitters.
  • Feel the rapids and discover  why they called it, "The River of No Return,"
  • See if you can find the trail on "lost Trail Pass."


Instead of the very cool, low stress adventure, the boys experienced a no-stress debacle. Now debacle is a widely over-used word, what does it mean ??

D:    Dull

E:    Excruciating

B:    Boring

A:    Awful

C:    Clueless guides

L:    Long stretches of boredom

E:    Extended

In addition, the boys faced all sorts of natural disasters, of fire, flood and famine (well not enough quality beer !!) Despite the obstacles, Mike and Bone still, as always made it an adventure.

Day 1 Come on Baby Light my Fire !!!

Day 2 Singing the Muddy Waters Blues

Day 3 Stuck in the Mud

Day 4 Thank God Almighty !!! Free at Last !!!!

Day 5 Horsing Around