2012 Bama Beatdown !

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Being the Maize and Blue Fans that they are, Mike, Bone, and Ron Nitschke thought they would catch a battle of titans, Meechigan vs. Alabama  to start the College Football Season. How could the Boys go wrong? The Blue returned to prominence after the three years of Rich Rod Infamy with a classic 11 -2 season in 2011 ! They beat Notre Dame in a classic ending, one EVERY home game, beat that Ohio Team, and oh yeah, beat Virginia Tech in the Sugah' Bowl before Bone and Ron's very eyes ! So oh yeah Michigan was back and ready for the big boys like Bama, Or so they thought, when they witnessed the worst beating of a Michigan Team before the Boys eyes. OF course the loss had to be a conspiracy ! So on Sunday all three check out the Kennedy Assignation at the 6th Floor Museum and the Assignation Bus Tour (really !)

Day 1: Blow Tide !

Day 2: The Conspiracy Bus