2014 30th Anniversary: Rocking the Kasbah !

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Hard to think Mike and Bone have been mis-behaving for over 30 years. It seemed only yesterday when Bone told Mike "This is the beginning of an awesome friendship" or wait that was just a line from the Movie Casablanca ! So based on the advice of the 1980's era Punk Band the Clash, Mike and Bone decided to Rock the Kasbah in Maroc or as we call it in the States Morocco! BTW, what the hell is a casbah after all? On this epic trip Mike and Bone found out what a riad was, a kasbah, a medina, and rediscover what a hangover was ! 

Day 0: Funky Bone Medina

Day 1: Marinating Marrakesh

Day 2: A River Runs Through It

Day 3: Trading Places

Day 4: Dutch Treat