2013 Bone's Last Stand !

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Based on Bone's gross incompetence IBM decided to exile Bone to Japan for 2 years ! So to take out their rage, Mike and Bone launched a campaign of lunacy that would hold them for the next twenty-four months (or until depredations occurred in the home of the Samurai) !

 So in three days in May, the Boys ate Coneys, drank copious amounts of beer and toured over 2,000 miles (check it out below !) of Big Sky Country in Colorado, Wyoming (the state, not the Michigan City), Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota, visiting and ravaging Fort Mandan, where Lewis and Clark had their first Winter Camp, Teddy Roosevelt's Home in the Badlands, and of course George Armstrong Custer' Last Stand on the Little Big Horn !

Day 1: Cravin' Coneys !

Day 2: Peaking on Pike's Peak

Day 3: Three of a Perfect Pair