2012 Dawging It' Tour

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Ah Athens! One of the classics!, No,,, not Greece, Georgia !!!   The place where B-52 is more than a drink and bulldogs are not butt ugly !!

Yes, Athens, one of the coolest College Towns in North America that spawned the B-52's and  REM. Mike and Bone had been threatening an Athen's campaign for quite some time, and 2012 was the year ! Flying into the ATL, they staged their campaign by draining beers at Jay Houghton's Farm in Marietta, then stayed in a Hotel that Norman Bates wouldn't stay at. Touring an awesome campus, Mike and Bone checked out all the traditions of the Bulldogs as they torched the Ole Miss Rebels and thoroughly did their best to make the College students groan due to the lack of beer in town due to the ravages of Mike and Bone!!

 Day 1: Hanging at Houghton's Hideout

Day 2: That wasn't a near miss for Ole' Miss