Day 1:    Hanging at Houghton's Hideout

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Mike and Bone met at the never fun Atlanta Hartsfield Airport around 6:00 in a still steamy Georgia evening. Despite it being late October, it was in still the high 80's. Since Mike and Bone were invited to hang out at a friend of Bone's at IBM, Jay Houghton, they stopped on the way over for a 12-pack of cool microbrews to prevent any dehydration at Jay's Farm. Jay, his wife Jen, and son Tim live in Marietta on the northwest part of Atlanta. By sheer fortune he was able to find a 20+ acre track of land on a stream less than 2 miles from his House that he and his Family sue as a Farm. At this Farm, they keep 4 horses, and set of buildings for sleeping over. It is a very neat environment. With all the forest covering, you get the feel you are in the middle of some remote forest, not in a very toney Atlanta Suburb! 

Houghton's Home from Home

The Boys hung out at the Farm waiting for the famous Atlanta traffic jam to die down before starting on the GA 400 to Athens, meanwhile more friends of Jay came over to party the Friday Night. It was such a lovely evening with the rustic background, good music, and nice people that the Boys almost forgot to leave!!  

Hall of Shame

Finally around 9:00 PM while it was still steamy hot, but finally dark. Expecting less traffic Mike and Bone re-fueled the ubiquitous Hall of Shame (not the car!) for the 1 hour drive to to Bulldawg ! Or so they thought! The ATL's traffic it seams sucks regardless of time or all the Bull Dog fans had a similar idea to Mike and Bone, whichever it was stop and go all the way into town making the Boys decision to replenish the Hall of Shame a good idea ! Finally getting to Athens around 11:00, they first checked into the Bull Dog Inn, which was about 5 mile out of town in the sticks. It seemed like the Bates Motel and Mile and Bone hoped that it was the effects of the Hall of Shame that made the Motel seem grosser that it hopefully was. But complaining about the Motel was not on the Agenda, partying Athens was !!

Hanging in Athen's

The Boys dumped their car downtown and beelined into the typical College Town Bar District, and boy oh boy does Athen's have'em! Mike and Bone started their methodical bar hopping technique of trying one cool beer (and in some instances at least one shot of the Bushmill's) in each Bar on the Strip. Since Athen's is famous for their bar scene, it was a target rich environment for the Boys ! By 1:45 AM the Boys had only covered a few blocks of district but were running outta time as the Bars started to close and the vomit comet was finding poor ole Mike. Realizing the impending doom or boom, they raced to the Varsity (Yeah ! the same Varsity as in Atlanta with the awesome slawdogs) where Bone coaxed Mike to force down a couple of slaw dogs to prevent the spewing fountain of shame. The loong day, the partying since 6:00 in the evening finally caught up with both Boys who luckily made it back to the Bull Dog Inn and passed out around 3:00 AM !