1998 Oh My Cod !!! its New England!!


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New England conjures up many, many images, the Pilgrim's The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere, Isn't it ironic that it is called New, since it is one of the oldest parts of our Country and looks more like merry olde England, than suburban America !

So how can any good red-blooded American miss a visit to New England, with it's history, fresh fish, lobsta', and plenty of brewpubs!! Being the good red-blooded (heavily thinned by years of alcohol abuse) Americans that Mike and Bone are, they were keen on plundering all that is good about olde New England ! So in the summer of '98 the Boys flew into Providence, boogied up the coast to Maine, and slowly (to the horror of the locals and Kennedy's), worked their way down the coast through Lexington and Concord, through Boston proper,  leaving a trail of empty beer bottles, whikey bottles, and debauchery in their wake !!!


Day 1: Morons in Maine

Day 2: Rocking in Plymouth

Day 3: Cheers to Boston!!!


Mike and Bone's Oh My Cod!! ... Its New England Tour Map