2004 East Side: The Ed Sheehy Memorial Tour

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The second tour of 2005 in mid July was prompted in commemoration of a friend of Bone’s that recently left IBM for richer climes at JP Morgan Chase. Ed Sheehy is an Irish-born New Yorker, raised in the Bronx and lives in East Village. Ed is as equally comfortable quoting Descartes and Plato as he is Bono and the Village Voice. Many a time while working with Bone in Richmond Virginia Ed would regal Bone with stories of the many pleasures of Third Avenue. 

Unfortunately, Ed was out of town the weekend the Boys planned the Tour. However, still wishing to experience the many pleasures of New York’s Eastside, as well as honour Ed, Mike and Bone pledged a mighty oath to patronize as many of the Taverns and Pub's that are found the entire length and breadth of Gotham’s Third Avenue !!

Day 1 Running Richmond Ragged

Day 2 An Un-Civil War: Mike, Bone, and Stonewall Jackson  

Day 3 Thirsty on Third Avenue

Day 4 Frolickin in Fredricksburg