Day 2:    An Un-Civil War, Mike, Bone, and Stonewall Jackson

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Rising early, the Boys grabbed a cup of Joe at a Starbuck's on Broad Street in Richmond, took a quick tour of Capital One's West Creek facility, and started the long trek up I-95 to New York.


No  Guinness at Guiney's Station

The first stop of the day was a disappointing one. They stopped at Guiney's Station for a nice stout and went dry !. However they did get to visit where Confederate Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson died on May 10, 1863.  Guiney's Station is about 18 miles south of Fredericksburg on the rail line leading to Richmond, VA. On the evening of May 2, 1863, during the Battle of Chancellorsville, Stonewall, with a small reconnoitering escort, advanced in front of his own lines and, being mistaken for a Federal officer, was fired upon by the Confederates. He was severely wounded in his left arm, which had to be amputated.  After Stonewall was shot. He had his left arm amputated and seemed to be recovering here at Guiney's Station. To the stricken General Robert E. Lee said in a message sent through a friend, "He has lost his left arm, but I have lost my right arm." Jackson seemed in a fair way to recover, but pneumonia set in, from which he died eight days later.


Mike and Bone to Stonewall, "Why don't you sleep on it"

The Boys toured the house and the bedroom where Jackson died, realizing that Jackson was a complete Confederate lunatic, they quickly left to tour the Chatham House in Fredericksburg.


The Chatham House, Union General Ambrose "Bonehead" Burnside's Headquarters

The Chatham House is a Georgian-style mansion was built in the 18th century and is best known for the role it played during the Civil War. The home served as a Union headquarters for Ambrose "Bonehead" Burnside during the Battle of Fredericksburg. It was also used as a Hospital during the battle when Clara Barton and Walt Whitman joined in the treatment of hundreds of wounded soldiers.

Legend has it that before the war General Lee courted his future Wife at the Chatham House and was extremely incensed at the Union Command's use of the House.


Mike, ready to charge Fredricksburg !!!

Mike and Bone checked out where the Union built their pontoon bridges for the Battle on the Mighty Rappahannock River, and where the Union Cannons blasted the bejesus out of Fredericksburg. After 10 minutes or so the Boys moved on, in addition to it being a hot and steamy day, Bone had a 1:00 PM Capital One Meeting in McLean in Suburban Washington that he couldn't cancel and had to attend.

Fortunately Bone's Meeting was a quick one, since it was time for lunch, Mike and Bone hit the Palm Restaurant in Mclean for steak and a nice bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon. After lunch, the Boys were still thirsty so they headed to one of Bone's favorite Irish Pub in DC.

Doin' the Guiney's in the Dubliner !

The Dubliner is just off of Union Station in DC, and is right down the street from the Capital, where several notable Senators and Congressmen such as Ted (Jabba the Hut) Kennedy have been seen enjoying a Guinness or two. The Dubliner simply serves the best Guinness in the City and maybe the East Coast, an assertion Mike and Bone were committed to investigate !


Headin' north to NYC !!

By 4:00 PM the Boys were deep in the Guiney's when they remembered that they had to drive up the NYC yet that night !


The looong drive up I-95

It was a beautiful summer evening driving up through Maryland and in to Delaware, as the Sun slowly set the Boys had their windows down and music jammin' as they cruised through Philly and on into Joisey. Even though the ride was smooth, it was still a long ride so as the Boys approach Manhattan it was already approaching 11:00 PM. Bone took the Holland tunnel into the City, whipped through Greenwich Village to Broadway, up to 24th Street, east to 3rd Avenue and up to the Marriott at 86th at NYC Cabbie speed. Quickly dumping their stuff, they headed out to walk west to Time Square for a nightcap.

"Hot Times, Summer in the City"

the Lovin' Spoonful

Ain't nothing like the City  Here it is Midnight in Manhattan, 75 degrees, and the City is packed with people !!! with all the neon, it felt like 12:00 noon. Having working up a thirst with the long walk from the Hotel, Mike and Bone headed to one of their favorite Bars in Times Square, Play Wrights Tavern !


Mike and Bone, Playing @ at Play Wrights in Times Square

Play Wrights Tavern at 58th and Broadway serves a mighty fine Murphy's Stout, though tired from the long day and drive, Mike and Bone still ordered several rounds, as they dickered with the locals in the Tavern.


Mike and Bone getting sponged off of in Times Square !!!

Getting sliced to the Bone  Having a few toddy's late at night can definitely work up an appetite. Just around the corner on 7th Avenue from Play Wrights is Ray's Pizza, with huge slices of New York style pizza, fresh from the oven. Grabbing a couple of slices, the Boys experienced a near-orgasmic love of the 'za !


Time Square @ 45th and Broadway, looking Uptown


Time Square @ 45th and Broadway, looking Downtown


The Chrysler Building, on the way back to the Upper East Side

By 1:30 AM, it had been a long day, long drive, and now a long night, so the Boys headed the 20 blocks back to their Hotel to catch some shut-eye.