Day 3:    Thirsty on Third Avenue

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In New York, everybody knows that the "Bronx is up and the Battery's down." Wanting to start the Third Avenue Tour down along the Battery, the Boys figured out that Pearl Street (one of the original streets in Manhattan) turns into St. James, then into the very bohemian Bowery, and then finally Third Avenue, hence the logical place to start the party.

It was a gem of a morning en Route downtown to the Battery in the taxi the Boys were riding along the FDR Expressway. The FDR rides along the East River, as the Boys looked onto the blue sky on the sparkling water, they talked about how they have never visited New York's famous Seaport and decided to take the quick detour on the way to Pearl Street.


Starting the Day in the South Street Seaport

It was a warm morning at the South Street Seaport, which is located on the lower east side of Manhattan in the financial district and has spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the East River, and the Statue of Liberty.

The Seaport is the reason that New York was first settled and later became a great city because of its access to the sea. The port located along South Street was the center of much of that activity. The vastness of the harbor, the fact that it didn't freeze in the winter and that Manhattan was a defensible island on the Hudson river, the fastest and safest way to travel to the interior of the continent were all factors in bringing the Europeans to the area.


Mike and Bone Ready to Sail the Ocean Blue !!


Old Ships and New Buildings

By sheer coincidence, that day ESPN was conducting their "X" Games from the Seaport, which provide Mike and Bone several chuckles as stake boarding wannabes were falling left and right on their brains. Mike and Bone toured the old ships and cool shops along the piers, enjoying the awesome view of the city.


Something was fishy about the Fulton Fish Market

 After a hour of wandering around the Seaport and Fulton Fish Market (which was very cool), the "thirst" for further adventure and, well,,, Guinness got the better of the Boys, and they headed down to their first official stop of the tour, Fraunces Tavern on Pearl Street !


Starting at the Foot of 3rd Avenue at the oldest Building in Manhattan,

with a pair of Guiney's at Fraunces Tavern

Fraunces Tavern is on the corner of Pearl Street, so truly starts Third Avenue. In addition, to its awesome location, and fine bar, Fraunces Tavern is one of the oldest buildings in New York. It served as a hangout for the New York Patriots before the Revolution, and a refuge for the same during the British occupation during the Revolution. However its most famous for being the site of Washington's Farewell to his Troops after the War. The Second Floor was used during the War as a place for banquets, were Washington's farewell was given, and now serves as a Museum to our first President.


The George Washington Museum on the Second Floor

The story of Washington's Farewell at Fraunces Tavern occurred on December 4, 1783, nine days after the last British soldiers left American soil and truly ended the Revolution, George Washington invited the officers of the Continental Army to join him in the second floor Long Room of Frances Tavern so he could say farewell. The best known account of this emotional leave-taking comes from the Memoirs of Colonel Benjamin Tallmadge, written in 1830 and now in the collection of Fraunces Tavern Museum. As Tallmadge recalled,

"The time now drew near when General Washington intended to leave this part of the country for his beloved retreat at Mt. Vernon. On Tuesday the 4th of December it was made known to the officers then in New York that General Washington intended to commence his journey on that day.

At 12 o'clock the officers repaired to Fraunces Tavern in Pearl Street where General Washington had appointed to meet them and to take his final leave of them. We had been assembled but a few moments when his Excellency entered the room. His emotions were too strong to be concealed which seemed to be reciprocated by every officer present. After partaking of a slight refreshment in almost breathless silence the General filled his glass with wine and turning to the officers said, 'With a heart full of love and gratitude I now take leave of you. I most devoutly wish that your latter days may be as prosperous and happy as your former ones have been glorious and honorable.'

After the officers had taken a glass of wine General Washington said 'I cannot come to each of you but shall feel obliged if each of you will come and take me by the hand.' General Knox being nearest to him turned to the Commander-in-chief who, suffused in tears, was incapable of utterance but grasped his hand when they embraced each other in silence. In the same affectionate manner every officer in the room marched up and parted with his general in chief. Such a scene of sorrow and weeping I had never before witnessed and fondly hope I may never be called to witness again."

Why is this important? Because for the first time in human history a conquering General did not go on to rule the country. Washington gave up his authority when he very well could have made him self king. Mike and Bone were very impressed with the Museum with it artifacts (which includes a lock of George's Hair.) After 45 minutes the Boys wandered downstairs only to be more impressed with the .......

What a fine Bar and Server !!!
 By 10:30, the fresh salt air, walking, and History, had made the Boys thirsty, since Fraunces Tavern was, and still is a tavern, might as well grabbed the brown, foamy, creamy, flavor of a few Guinness Stouts !!! The boys were served by a lovely young model, who regaled the Boys with her stories of living with two roommates in the Financial District. Ah yes !! the Beer was good and so was the company ! Wanting to pace themselves, the Boys stopped and two and bid their new friend adieu to continue their journey up Third Avenue.


Confucius Says,, Mike and Bone and vely, vely, cool !!

Mike and Bone in China Town

Upon leaving Fraunces Tavern the Boys noticed that the it was just warm out, it was down-right hot !! They quickly tramped up Pearl to where it changes names to St. James, and onto the street the original Dutch settler called, the Flower Street, or Bauwery, or as we now know it Bowery Street, home of Punk Rock's CBGB's, and the Bowery Boys !! This also placed the boys square into China Town.


Selling Stuff in Chinatown

The sites and sounds, and smells of Chinatown are sharp and pungent. The Boys passed restaurant after restaurant, with whole cooked geese hanging the windows like hood ornaments, and bushels and barrels of exotic spices outside grocery stores. A very cool place,


Bone's Step-Daughter's Place

Bone's Step-Daughter Happy is a Internet-Fanatic. It only makes sense that this will one be her place.

As the Boys crossed Houston, were Bowery turns into Third Avenue, they realized that it was time for lunch, and what better lunch than New York Hot Dogs. Knowing of two famous establishments from the PBS Special, "A Hot Dog Program", Gray's Papaya, and the Papaya King, the boys decided to do the quite expensive "bakeoff", where they would grab a dog (with only mustard and sour kraut, New York style !!) and small papaya juice at each place and judge which was better.


Gray's Papaya @ 72 Street and Broadway


Mike and Bone performin' the "Taste Test" @ Gray's !!


A Gray's Sabrett's, nice and toasty !!


The boys started at Greys Papaya, which is the newer of the two restaurants, founded in 1972 as a takeoff of the Papaya King. Grey's serves the wonderful grilled Sabrett's ("never a regret with a Sabrett's !) hot dog, on a toasted bun for a mere buck-fifty. Greys is in the eclectic Upper West side and in the favourite of Hollywood types such as Chris Rock. Immediately after scarfing a 'dog, the boys quickly grabbed a cab the Papaya King.


The Papaya King @ 83 and 3rd Avenue


Mike and Bone performin' the "Taste Test" @ The Papaya King !!


Two fine dogs with home-made relish !!

In 1932 the Papaya King opened as the Hawaiian Tropical Fruits at 86th and Third Avenue, during the Depression, the owner Gus Poulos began to serve cheap hot dogs in 1939 which sold like wildfire. Papaya King makes their own brand of hot dog, that has a definite reddish tinge to it.  Among its famous visitors include FDR where allegedly he drank a papaya drink at "the great little shop" and got the idea for the New Deal and the Beatles visited the Papaya King before their famous Ed Sullivan show appearance. Grabbing another set of 'dogs with mustard and 'kraut, along with a small papaya drink. After a few minutes of chomping and slurping, they stopped deep in thought,,, then they came to the momentous and expensive (a heck of a lot of cab fare !!) decision.

"So, which is better?"  The decision was no decision, they split, where Mike chose the Gray's Papaya and Bone chose Papaya King.


Finding Nirvana !!! The only All Guinness Bar in North America

Paddy Reilly's !!!

It was around 1:00PM, when the boys taxied back down to 22nd and Third, to resume their Quest up Third Avenue. Their next stop was only a few blocks up and has quickly become one of their favorite stops Paddy Reilly's, the only ALL Guinness Bar in North America !!


Mike, Bone, and the Infamous G. U. I. N. N. E. S. S. Bar Taps !!!

"Boy Irish I lived here !"  The boys soon discovered that they were foreigners in the Bar, since everybody spoke with a deep Irish brogue. The afternoon moved very quickly in Paddy Reilly's with the one beer and move on rule broken, with one, two three, four, and well yeah five pints of the Guinness Goodness from the G Tap, U Tap, I Tap, N Tap, and second N Tap, as well as a few shots of the Bushmill's to add color and heart to the fast glowing afternoon.


"Oop's! Where has the day flown !?!"

The Boyo's (as they say in the Emerald Isles) were havin' a rip-roarin' time, at the expense of the Tour. By 4:00 PM the Boys were fairly hammered and done drinking for a while at the cost of losing their respective lunches !! staggering out of Paddy Reilly's they quickly walked up Third Avenue to 86th and Lexington, where they were staying completing the Tour for the day and napping in order to take on the New York City night.


"Houston, We have a Problem"

After taking a cat nap, the Boys were going to head down to Greenwich Village to hang out with one of Bone's PwC colleagues, Brett Crocitto, who was going to take the Boys to one of the Village's chi-chi restaurants. They were suppose to meet at the Corner of Houston and Broadway, problem was they Boys went through two cabbies, who had never  heard of Houston Avenue ?!? Miffed the Boys got out on Broadway and started to ask locals "where is Houston?", to receive either incredulous looks, or wry comments "Texas!"

"You say Tomaato, I say Tomater, lets call the whole thing off !"  The whole purpose of language is to provide a common medium for discussion for sentient beings, now most of the known world pronounces the word Houston as "Hugh-ston",  where New Yorkers pronounce the very same word as How-Sted. Hence why the boys were 45 minutes late finding Brett, who was on the corner of Broadway and How-Sted. Bone was quite sure that General Sam Houston did not pronounce his name the way New Yorkers have changed it. Now directional sound Mike, Bone, and Brett headed off for a very strange meal in the Village.


Don't Poop in Peep !

Mike, Bone, and Brett Crocitto

Entering the chi-chi restaurant called Peep, the Boys had no idea on the meaning of the name other than it was a Thai restaurant that the Boys were very under dress for. Ordering a few margie's the Boys noticed the 15-dollar a drink price tag and the ridiculous entrée' price tags. After a few rounds of the elixir of Mexico, Bone needs to expunge some leftover Guinness and Margie when he discovered why they call it Peep

"You gotta be kiddin'"  Going to the bathroom is one of those strange societal things were guys in particular will be in full conversation, walk in to the bathroom, then go stone silent, stare straight ahead, it simply ain't the place for interaction or observation ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  except in Peep ! The entire wall of Peep is see thru so, as you sit there you are looking at the entire dining room. Worse yet, you can tell by the gestures outside that with the lights on in the can, the "peep"les in the dining room can make out your silhouette !! The boys soon departed Peeps and Brett  $350 poorer, still hungry, but with the knowledge that Peep's wasn't only a piece of crap, it was a place that you could watch people take crap !!!  

The Boys soon started bar-hopping in the 'Village enjoying the ambiance of the Gotham's finest bohemian neighborhood, and micro-brews !! However, as it pushed 11:00 PM, the lack of Thai at Peep's began to eat at the Boys, who decided what better place in the word to get a Pizza than New York !!


Grabbin a real meal at John's of Bleeker Street

John's Pizzeria on Bleeker ain't no chi-chi restaurant, opened in 1929 it offers real Coal-Oven Pizza, that produces a delicate charred crust, that it is simply some of best pie, the ex-expert pizza makers had ever had and a tab of only 20 bucks for a large with pepperoni !! Finally sated, the boys noticed that it was Midnight, the Witching Hour, or for Mike and Bone Punk Time !!! With one of the holy of holies of Punk Rock CBGB's within walking distance, the Boys began the pilgrimage east on Bleeker to Bowery and 22nd Street.


Mike and Bone looking for Joey Ramone in CBGB's

CBGB's was the Punk Rock Bar in the late 1970's, showcasing talent like the B-52's, R.E.M., Blondie, the Sex Pistols, the Talking Heads, Devo, and of course they're most famous house bands,, The Ramones !!!!! Walking in to the Bar, Mike and Bone noticed it was the exact grungy bar that it had always been described as they ordered a few Bass Ales and watched a really bad Shock-Metal Band. The Bar was cool, but the Band was bad and the day had been long, so by 3:00 AM, the boys decided it was a day and headed out to find a cab.


22nd Street, Joey Ramone Boulevard

As the Boys left CBGB's they noticed that 22nd Street had been recently renamed Joey Ramone Boulevard in honor of the recently departed lead singer, and the heart and soul of the Ramones. Paying proper homage by screaming Gabba Gabba Hey !! ( a Ramone's chant), they grabbed a cab and literally passed out on the way back uptown !!!