2005 "Houston, We have a Problem !!"

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The second Official Tour of 2005 Campaign was the continuation of the plundering of Texas. Having decimated the Southernmost part of Texas the year before, Mike and Bone decided to start in Houston, bring some sense to the cowboys of College Station. cause more damage to Galveston than the 1900 Hurricane, carouse through the Bayous of East Texas and Louisiana, and finally drain all the alcohol outta N'Awlin's, creating the greatest crisis in the Crescent City since Andy Jackson, Jean Lafitte, and the Battle of New Orleans.

With a audacious game plan of tomfoolery the Boys embarked on the Tour with typical gusto and aplomb !!

Day 1 Totally Aggie-vated

Day 2 Spaced Cadets

Day 3 N'awlins, Part Deux

Day 4 Berating the British at the Battle of New Orleans