1995 Operation: Desert Storm

(The Heber Jones Memorial Tour)

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In the Summer of 1995 it became apparent to the boys that there was an empty hole in their lives, so after a few beers in Grand Rapids they realized that the hole was the Grand Canyon ! So with no idea (despite counsel from Sherrie Spencer to have a plan) they jumped on a plane to Lost Vegas to tour the US Southwest, from September 1 through 5th.

So with a song in their hearts and a hole in their heads they meandered through Nevada into Utah, where finally, an elderly Mormon National Park Ranger saved the boys from a hell of aimless touring, and shown them the lights,,,,, well at least on how to see the most,  in the fewest number of days.

The heretofore tour named Operation Desert Storm was now and forever re-dedicated as the Heber Jones Memorial Tour to honour the boys be-spectacled and bemused Tour Guide. Heber outlined a path through Utah and then Arizona so that the boys could see Zion, Bryce, Capital Reef, Monuments of the Gods, and of course, the Grand Canyon. Where there was once a quiet and tranquil environment, now faced the ecological devastation of Mike and Bone !!!

Day 1 Viva Lost Vegas !!

Day 2 A Walk in the Clouds in Red Cloud

Day 3 A Capital Time at Capital Reef

Day 4 A Grand Time at the Grand Canyon

Day 5 A Race through the Desert Home