2021 Cruisin' and Abusing PCH Tour!

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A trip of twists and turns, and the road was windy!

They say that epic Road Trips are Pretty Cool, Huh! Mike and Bone's second trip in 2021 was just that, a pretty epic Road Trip that started in Tijuana Mexico and ended in Olympia Washington 2,300 miles later!


Day 1: Mexi-American: A Tijuana-San Diego Start!

Day 2: A Marathon Day in SoCal!

Day  3: Carmelized Hogs Breath!

Day 4: Mike and Bone in a Dry County!?!

Day 5: Old Men with Old Trees

Day 6: Smokin' Hot at Crater Lake!

Day 7: Lewis & Clark, Again!

Day 8: End of the Road!

Day 9: A Whale of a time Kayaking!

Day 10: A Cup of Starbucks for the Road


Mike and Bone's Pacific Coat Highway Tour