Day 10 A Cup of Starbucks for the Road?


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5:30 AM came early on the Boys, but they were able to get out and on the Ferry with 10 minutes to go! It was a quiet Ferry ride from Friday Harbor in the early, misty dawn on the Salish Sea. Mike and Bone were getting nasty stares for eating their gourmet brown bag breakfasts with their masks down. Bone gave a couple of fake coughs to scare the Covid-crazies from the seating area the Boys were sitting in. After breakfast, they headed out onto the deck to enjoy the sea air for the remaining 20 minutes of the ferry ride. 


Time for a Coffee In Seattle

The drive down I-5, from Anacortes to Seattle was rather uneventful and faster than expected, so with an extra hour before the Boys needed to be at Seattle Tacoma Airport, they headed into Downtown Seattle and the Public Market, to walk around and grab a cup of joe at the original Starbucks!  


No Time for Coffee at the Original Starbucks!

Mike and Bone found everything in Downtown simply packed with Seahawk fans, with a game scheduled for noon, everyone was grabbing breakfast, coffee, or cocktails before heading over to the stadium. The Boys reveled in the crowd, except to when they saw the line for the original Starbucks, when they asked a Starbucks employee how long the wait was they were gob-smacked to hear "oh, about an hour and twenty minutes!" So, since that idea was off the table they headed back to the rental, where they got lost and ended up walking by a regular Starbuck, got their cup a joe's and sidled on down I-5 to SEATAC with no fuss or fooling around where they easily made their flights.


Trip, Postscript

What a trip! From Covid closures to no place to eat, sleep cheaps to toney B&B's, Mike and Bone relished the entire distance from San Diego to Seattle, Tijuana to Tacoma, and the San Juan Islands, where the Boys had a whale of a time even without Orcas. Meanwhile, the 2,300 hundred miles of PCH, continues to reel from the torched earth terror of Mike and Bone!!