2010  Civil Whites Tour

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"February is Black History Month.....and what better way to celebrate than to tour the very places in the South where the Civil Rights struggle took place ! Now Mike and Bone are politically incorrect in all things. So, down in Tennessee and Alabama where the white were not civil, Mike and Bone decided for Civil Rights, they would be civil whites. Since Mike and Bone had a bone to pick with the uncivil whites, what better way to start a Tour than by picking bones with an additional bar-be-que tour of the Deep South ! With a first stop at the Rendevous for some of that dry rub bones ! They stayed over to check out the Lorraine Motel and then on to Selma, (with a short cut into Tuscaloosa  for more dreamy ribs at Dreamland. Following the path of the PBS Program on the Civil Rights Movement "Eyes on the Prize," Mike and Bone unleashed a reign of terror unseen in these parts since the stormy 60's, except this time it was the uncivil whites that were the targets of Mike and Bone !   

Day 1: Rendezvousing in Memphis

Day 2: Bridging Selma

Day 3: I'm Going Mobile!

Day 4: Crimson Ride