2015  Hoosier Daddy Tour !

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So there are two little boys playing with a basketball in a cornfield, one boy asks the other, "Who's your Daddy?" and the other replies  I'd dunno, Hoosiers?

Hence, the explanation for Hoosiers!

History and football are two of the Boys bigger passions, so when the Wolverines had an away game against Indiana, it seemed like the right time for a tour of a quaint college town of Bloomington and Mad Anthony's namesake city and Fort site.  The trip was replete with looong hours sitting in the car driving by cut-down cornfields, quaint towns (and some ain't so quaint!) in detours, along with a tense, epic Mid-Western, Big Ten Football contest, all the makings of a classic Mike and Bone Trip!

Day 1: Overtime and Outta Gas!!!

Day 2: Mad Anthony's Crib