1994 Wasting Away in Margaritaville

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Key West, before the carnage

The Party Boys were back in form, but where to adventure next?  One night in Grand Rapids on a warm summers eve, Mike and Bone were indulging in many, many margarita's listening to Jimmy Buffet, when the idea struck...... Nome, Alaska !!!  Realizing that Nome wouldn't be the best party town, they rethought the trip destination and booked flights for Key West, the famous party town.

The question was can a party town like Key West that has suffered many, many fools, and hurricanes gladly, weather the raw carnage of a Mike and Bone adventure?

Day 1: Mucho Cerveza Fria en la Havana a Pequeno

Day 2: Driving the Honda to Bahia Honda

Day 3: Shark Bait

Day 4:  Havin No Fun, Hungover on US 1