2004 Messin' With Texas

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Texas, a state of big vistas, big water, and big attitude. "Don't mess with Texas", they say down in the Lone Star State. Well, Mike and Bone thought it was HIGH time to say, "In your face Tehas ! ! !" Having missed the Lone Star/Big Attitude State in their earlier tours, they decided to steer clear of "organized tours" and return to a simpler Mike and Bone type of tour: cheap beer, long aimless drives, and the ubiquitous Hall of Shame !  The 2004 edition of the Mike and Bone expedition was conducted from June 4th through June 7th, where the boys meandered all over the southernmost tip of Tehas, sort of following significant places in the Texas War of Independence (e.g. Alamo, Goliad) and the resulting Mexican American War (e.g. Matamoros.)

Yep, it was a return to old times,  and it was ALL about Messin with Texas!!!  Starting in San Antonio, the tour de jour rambled to the Gulf of Mexico, and down to the Mexican Town of Matamoros, and back up to Laredo, all the while making the local Hispanics and Mexicanos rue the days the gringos, Miguel and Bona ever passed through.

Day 1 Remembering the Alamo

Day 2 A F@#king Waste of a Day !!!

Day 3 South Padre Depravity

Day 4 Messin With Mexico

Day 5 Ohh No !! China Grove !!!