Day 5:    Ohh No !! China Grove !!!

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Having watched the Detroit Pistons school the Lakers in the NBA Finals the night before

in Nuevo Laredo, the boys awoke for their final day of the trip well rested and ready for the 3 hour drive back to San Antonio.


Its no fun being an Illegal Alien !


15 minutes on the freeway out of Laredo, the boys were stopped at a permanent checkpoint to ascertain US citizenship.  Since they were looking for illegal aliens, not extraterrestrials they let the boys move on, however it was a very strange occurrence to be stopped in your own country, on a freeway, to be checked for citizenship.


The ABSOLUTELY WORST meal, of any Mike and Bone adventure


Having your citizenship questioned by the INS is hungry work, and the boys were now looking for a place to break their fast. Having grown tired of refried beans, the boys were looking for some good old fashioned eggs and toast. 45 minutes out of Laredo the boys finally found a truck stop and pulled off for some victuals. Now Truck Stop's are notorious for usually serving huge portions of relatively inexpensive, moderately good food ,,,,,, except for this one. The food was cooked in grease that was probably last changed in 1964, and the bread for the toast was baked in about the same time frame. This breakfast was a Mike and Bone first, where both boys were nauseous, but not from the drinking !!


Oh No!  China Grove !!

(The Doobie Brothers)

Arriving back in the San Antonio area somewhat queasy, Mike needed to close the trip with one last stop,  the city made famous by the Doobie Brothers, Oh yes !  China Grove. China Grove however is not an eclectic enclave, it is just a small village along a major highway. Still queasy and under-whelmed the boys headed to the airport.


Trip, Post Script

Despite the warnings of "Don't Mess with Texas", Mike and Bone gave more than they got, they did San Antonio far better than Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett, out-partied South Padre Island, and created an international furor in three different Mexican cities.

Having covered the entire southern portion of Texas it took a bad meal to poison the lads. As Mike headed back to Michigan and Bone to Virginia, The signed at the airport stated "Don't Mess with Texas", and Mike and Bone said "Bite Me !!", thus ending the first Messing with Texas Tour.