1993 Cape Fear: The Outer Banks

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After an unfortunate three year tour hiatus due to the "Ellen Degenerate" Debacle, the boys moved their depraved attentions to the East Coast. Having just escaped the formidable fear and loathing of the Capitan of Fear, Ellen Degenerate, the boys dedicated the freedom to once again engage in drunken debauchery to the very place that causes good seamen to tremble, Cape Fear of the Outer Banks !!!

Leveraging Bone's friendship with Norfolk native Brian Heywood, Mike and Bone toured the Virginia Peninsula: down through Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg, then southeast to Nags Head North Carolina, only to be denied Cape Hateras due to a troublesome Hurricane that struck only days before. With the resumption of the boy's lunacy, decent bar keeps and party store owners trembled in fear  . . . . . . . .  Cape Fear !!!!

A Satellite's View of the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Day 1: No Folk in Norfolk

Day 2: The Peninsula Campaign

Day 3: The Wrong Brothers Meet the Wright Brothers

Day 4:  The Lost Boys Meet the Lost Colony

Day 5: The Long Boogie Home