Day 1:    No Folk in Norfolk

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Hey !  Hey  !!  Hey !!!  Its Heywood !!!!

Hooking up a Sleep Cheap. Looking to start the trip in Norfolk Virginia, Bone suggested that he and Mike spend the night at Brian Heywood's, or more specifically Brian Heywood's Parents House. Brian was a portly little fellow with very horizontal dimensions, at a diminutive 5 foot 2, he was pushing 250 pounds, which would have qualified him as a human bowling ball, except he was too squishy. Brian had worked with Bone at World Computer Corporation in the late 80's until he was fired for being constantly late (oversleeping!!!) Bone had hired him at the IRS for a 18 month stint until Brian decided to retire at the ripe old age of 28. Moving back into his parents house in his old hometown of Norfolk, Brian now worked a very hard 5 hours a week as a night watchman of a mothballed navy ship for $3.25 an hour, and slept the rest of the time. All the while desperately trying to catch up on all the sleep he missed in his early twenties, when he worked at World Computer and was only able to sleep 10 hours a night. Bone thought by hooking up with the lethargic lad, he could: catch up with an old party buddy, check out Virginia Beach, and most importantly get a free nights accommodation !!!

Bone's Portly Pal

Yes Virginia, there is a Beach !!!

Meeting Heywood at the Norfolk Airport, Mike and Bone rented a vehicle and followed Heywood in his car for an evening of revelry in the "Daytona" of Virginia, "Virginny Beach!!Virginia Beach is  a well-known resort area with plenty of sleazy rock clubs that worked to soothe Mike and Bone's travel pains. It didn't take to very long for the boys to ramp up their unique brand of revelry in the local gin joints, and quickly became the center of attention (much to the consternation of Heywood's delicate constitution.)


Mike and Bone graphically indulged in 11 Kamikazes and equal number of Heinekens, whereas Heywood only had 5 of each and decided to "feed the fishes" in the Men's Room in Chicho's and then again at Peabody's (two of the more famous party establishments in Virginia Beach.)At 3:00 AM the party drew to a close, Mike, Bone, and a drained Heywood staggered to a nearby Greasy Spoon in order to get something into their stomachs to soak of the alcohol, and stare at the old bums drinking their coffee.

By 4:30 AM Heywood was nearly drivable so that Mike and Bone were able to follow the drunken lug in their rental car to his Parents. By 5:00 AM the Three Stooges all stumbled upstairs to Heywood's Bedroom where Mike and Bone slept on the floor. Which wasn't that bad since the room kept spinning for both boys until they passed out.