2009 Doing the "D"

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Mike and Bone are huge fan's not only of College Football, but Classic College Football Rivalries, and the Red River Rivalry (formally called the Red River Shootout) is certainly one of them. The Red River Rivalry, also known as the Red River Shootout is derived from the Red River that forms part of the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma that has in the past caused conflict between the two states, most notably the 1931 Red River Bridge War. The game originated in 1900 (two years after the start of the Michigan Ohio State game), while Oklahoma was still a United States territory and the Oklahoma campus was still in Oklahoma Territory. Until the 2005 meeting, the 100th meeting between the schools, the game was called the Red River Shootout. In 2005 the game was officially renamed the SBC Red River Rivalry, with the word "Rivalry" replacing "Shootout" out of a desire not to convey an attitude of condoning gun violence. Showing the importance of this game in a interview with DeLoss Dodds (the Athletic Director of UT) he stated "The rivalry game for us has always been Oklahoma. The A&M game's been a great game and all of that. And we may play 'em. But it's not something that we have to do. I think the Oklahoma game is something we have to do." This further serves to emphasize what an important game the Red River Rivalry is to both Oklahoma and Texas. Since 1948, one or both of the two teams has been ranked among the top 25 teams in the nation coming into 61 out of 66 games. Texas leads the all-time series 60–43–5, with a 47–39–4 edge in Dallas. Since 1948, the series is very close with Oklahoma holding a one-win lead, 32–31–3. Six of the last ten showings featured one of the participants in the Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game (2000, 2003–05, and 2008–09), including national titles won by Oklahoma in 2000 and by Texas in 2005. In 2005, the Dallas Morning News asked the 119 Division 1A football coaches to identify the top rivalry game in college football. The Red River Rivalry ranked third, behind only Michigan-Ohio State and Army–Navy.  

They also used the trip as an  opportunity to solve the biggest conspiracy theory in History, the Kennedy Assignation in Dallas. So on a pleasant and warm October Weekend in 2009, Mike and Bone decided to despoil the Texas State Fair, the Cotton Bowl, and the Texas Book Depository by painting old Dallas Red! 


Day 1 Go Westend Young Man !!

 Day 2  Hooked them Horns !

Day 3 Checking out the 6th Floor