Day 1:   Go Westend Young Man !!

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The weekend began in typical Mike and Bone fashion with Mike flying in from GR and Bone flying in from Charlotte NC. As with most big Rivalry games, especially those played at a neutral site (ala, the Georgia-Florida World's Largest Cocktail Party), both schools tend to party the night before and Mike and Bone wanted in on that action ! Knowing Dallas, Bone knew that there would be a lot of revelry in downtown Dallas at in the West End District.

The West End Historic District of Dallas, Texas, is a historic district that includes northwest downtown Dallas. The area that would become the West End originally consisted simply of a trading post, established by John Neely Bryan. In July 1872, the Houston & Texas Central Railroad arrived in downtown, attracting manufacturing companies whose warehouses would come to define the architecture of the West End. West End gained notoriety in the 1960s, when President Kennedy was assassinated in a Presidential motorcade traveling through Dealey Plaza. Today, in addition to the Texas Book Depository it contains lots of eclectic eateries and clubs.  This was the rallying area for the students and alumni of Texas and Oklahoma. The question was were both schools ready for the incursion of the Big Ten's worst,,,, Mike and Bone !?!

Steaking out a Claim at HoffBrau's !

Based on considerable prior experience, Mike and Bone knew that to enjoy a night of revelry required laying a proper base. And there ain't no better base than a good steak, so the Boys went to a famous local steakhouse that Bone had enjoyed at IBM, where they broiled their beef over hickory and mesquite ! Along with the great steaks the Boys limbered up with several rounds of local Shiner Bock's.

Sated, Mike and Bone could hear the locals getting restless outside and decided it was time to join the Party !!!  

Wandering West End with Margies and Beers !!!

One has to wonder how big of a rivalry Texas-Oklahoma really is, the Boys saw Texas boys dancing with Okie girls in the Streets, and Okie boys dancing with Texas girls. Something you would NEVER see in a Michigan-Ohio State Game !!

However, the Intra-School amity provided a rich opportunity for Mike and Bone to work their magic on the crowd and dwindling stores of beer. Following the "Two Beer Strategy pictured above," the Boys struck up conversations with students and alumni of both schools, discussing the Game, its traditions, along with drunken prognostications on who would win the next day.  The winners of the evening it turned out were Mike and Bone, since they outlasted most of the older and younger elements of the crowd and retired at a very late 2:30 AM!