2021 Say YA!! to Da YOUPEE!!

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How the Travel Bug overrode the Covid Bug !!!!

Mike and Bone have rarely had gaps in their touring, however the Covid Pandemic "grounded" the Boys in 2020. Grand visions of Jerusalem, Cairo, and Jordan were replaced with "shelter in place" mandates for Byron Center and Beserkely! But by the summer of 2021, their travel bug over rode the fear of the Covid Bug, and once vaccinated the Boys booked outta town for a visit of the second peninsula of Meeechigan, the UP or pronounced by the Yoopers as the "YouPee!"


Day 1: Hot Dogging it thru Michilimackinac

Day 2: The Boys heads in the clouds, in Lake in the Clouds!

Day3: Old Dogs on the Yellow Dog!

Mike and Bone's Mitten Tour