Day 1:    This ain’t no thang !

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Yep!! This is fun!!

Hope springs eternal!! Or so they say, so as our optimistic heroes jetted across the fruited plains, from the Mecca of the Midwest Chicago, then on to the nadir of the Northwest Seattle, the boys crowed over all the training that they did, and in Bone's case didn’t have to do.

Damn!! That is one BIG Mountain  !!!

Over the 4 hour flight the boys dickered about important topics, such as how Bells Porter is just as good as a Guinness Stout, despite being different, when a wondrous, and humbling sight stuck like Bone's nose out of the cloud cover,,,, Mount Rainier!!!  It was at that moment that Mike and Bone looked at each other, jaws agape and said in unison, “Damn that’s big!!” Upon arriving into the SEATAC Airport, the boys high-tailed it to the Mt. Rainer area.

Getting Geared Up

The 1 1/2 hour drive to the mountain was largely uneventful except for the fog and Bone’s three conference calls. Upon arriving at RMI, the boys quickly registered for the climb, and then went to be fitted for their gear. The gear included 3 types of clothing, which included:

·         Light pants and jacket

·         Medium pants and jacket

·         And heavy pants and jacket

Along with the ski poles, ice axe, sun visors, water, and food, the total pack weighs 50 pounds, which is why most climbers pant!  The RMI staff also helped the boys by a recommending a wide array of heavily carbohydrated, freeze-dried snack foods that would give Dr. Adkins an sugar attack.

Final Training Preparations: Operation BEER !

Needing a place to stay for the evening, the boys scammed a room from an overbooked lodge a half a mile east of RMI Headquarters. With that in hand the boys looked for “lite” diversion for the rest of the evening.

Now the night before heavy physical exertion, many athletes will “carb” up. Mike and Bone decided to increase their caloric intake through the ingestion of the delicious golden nectar of the grain. Buying a 12 pack of local micro-brewed beers the boys headed into the Pinnacles (a series of hills next to Mt. Rainer) to perform a little hiking before the big day.  Wandering in the Rain Forest our rocket scientists were simply amazed at the constant drizzle, mist, and lush, green environment. Many of the evergreen trees were 300–400 hundred feet in the air.  Despite the fragrant, fresh air, there was an ill wind blowing when Bone was huffing up a storm in a very minor hike at 4,000 feet.

Please! Don’t smoke on my food !

Talk about bad restaurants,,,, well OK! Close to the hotel the boys found a “Country” Restaurant/Bar where the blue haze of cigarette smoke, hung over the salad bar with gross, greasy smears on the Sneeze Guards. In this “pristine” atmosphere the boys enjoyed the local “special” fish, which looked like a cross between tuna helper and ground chum.  With this healthful diet, the boys went back to the hotel to rest for the next day where the boys ran into Michael Hughes, a software salesman that worked with Bone at General Motors, who was climbing the next day. The stage was set for the boys “Training Day”.