Day 1:   Sanding Down Sedona !

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The Trip started with Mike and Bone meeting up at Phoenix Sky Harbor, which is about 2 hours south of Prescott, the home of the Graduating Class of Embry-Riddle, Miss Katie Giordano. Now it was still early spring in Michigan, but in Arizona, the temps were already hitting into the 100 degree range.

How to beat the heat in the High Desert Heat !

It was far too hot and dry to safely go very far without a ubiquitous Hall of Shame ! So immediately after procuring a rental, Mike and Bone stopped at the first party store to requisition some tasty Fullers ESB and Pilsner Urquels to ensure once they trekked into the desert, that thirst would not overcome the Midwestern Boys. 

Heading into the High Desert on I-17 !

The Sedona Vista from the Prescott-Jerome Road !

The path Mike and Bone frequently take is one less travelled and in this case even more so ! Typically most people shoot up I-17 and cut over to Sedona, not Mike and Bone ! They drove up I-17 to the Prescott Highway headed towards Prescott, then just before they entered town, they took a back road that had more switchbacks than hoods at a KKK rally ! This back road dumped them in the eclectic, hippy town of Jerome, just 20 miles up (literally!) from Sedona. Driving down Mike and Bone knew it was freaking hot with the way everything shimmered outside. Even with the AC cranked on full, you could feel the heat through the windshield as they winded into Mystical Sedona.

Enchanted Sedona

Toasting Toasty Sedona !

Two-Gun,, errr ! Beer Mike !

Heading to a Hiking Path Mike had taken before, the Boys stop to "hydrate" and ensure that they had enough hydration, they brought additional provisions to ensure a healthy amount of liquids in the dry hot desert.

Burning a Path, on a Burning Path

Bone, replenishing the Nitrogen

"Yeah, its Hot! and I'm outta beer!"

"It is freakin' Hot !"

Devil's of a time on Devils Bridge

The scenery was breathtaking, the red, red rocks with the blue, blue sky was amazing. The 30 minute hike was only cut short by the dire termination of the remaining beer that the Boys packed in. With reserves depleted, they headed back to the Hall of Shame, errr the car. to replenish and now do a little rock climbing in a spot Bone had found in the past.

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough !"

The Temptations

"Are we really gonna climb this !?!"

In the past, Bone (in the Winter with ice!) found and climbed this formidable and beautiful cliff which presents a magnificent panorama of the entire vista of Sedona. So grabbing a couple of waters (sadly the Hall of Shame was now depleted !) Mike and Bone tackled the cliff!

The very hot path for the Climb up!

Half wits half way up !

Half way up the Boys stopped for a sip of water and check out the view, where there was red rock as far as the eye could see !

Site Seeing at the Summit

Watch your step Mike !

Looking down from the mesa, it was a good 800 - 900 feet drop to the floor of the desert, so not a minor hike, the view was simply awesome with views from three corners across a huge swath of the Sedona desert !

Endless Awesomeness !


The Summiteer's !

Soakin' in the Summit !

Smokin' up the Summit ?

Put that Stinky Thing Out !

After 45 minutes looking around, Mike and Bone decided that all things must end, especially since their waters ran out! Needing something liquid more than water, Mike and Bone started the descent that would turn to madness if they did not find a beer soon!  

The Long Awaited Final Descent of Bone !

"Almost down, now we need beer !"

The Base of the now Smokey Mesa !!

Looking down from the mesa, it was a good 800 - 900 feet drop to the floor of the desert, so not a minor hike, the view was simply awesome with views from three corners across a huge swath of the Sedona desert !

See Ya Sedona Cliffs!!

Sitting and sucking suds in the Sun in Sedona!


Driving down into Sedona proper, Mike and Bone stopped at one of the fu-fu restaurants that litter the "artesianal" and "vortex-ridden" tripe that is "Downtown" Sedona. After a light lunch and a few beers, the Boys restocked the hall of Shame for the trek from Sedona to Jerome, across the ziggy-zaggy road through the mountains to a much cooler Prescott. 

Pulling Beers at the Prescott Brewing Company

Once in Prescott, the Boy's had a few hours to kill until Katie and Kelsie would be able to meet up with Mike and Bone for Dinner. What better way to wait then at a Brewpub, especially a brewpub called the Prescott Brewing Company! PBC (as it is called by the townies) had a fine array of products that Mike and Bone judiciously sampled for the next few hours. As it grew dark outside and the Boy's grew hazy (3 hour difference, 4 hour flight, 4 hours in 120 degree deserts tend to make one hazy,,, not the beer of course !) so it was time for a good meal with Katie and Kelsie.

Steaking Out a Claim at Murphy's with the Kids!

Murphy's is one of the classic Prescott restaurants with great steaks and even better Guinness! The steaks, the Guinney's, and the Banter with Katie and Kelsie on college life made it a great evening and and early night. Because by 11:30 PST, Mike and Bone were burnt! Both got up on 5:00 AM EST, flew to Phoenix, sat in a car for 5 hours, drank a lot of beer! climbed and hiked a few hours in the heat, which made for a loong but awesome day !