Day 1:   Sparks Scotch and Guinness !

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The idea for the trip was for Bone to rent a car in Baltimore and drive up to La Guardia, picked up Mike 5:30, grab an early steak dinner at Peter Lugers, then party in Tribeca!! It was a perfect plan !!

"So Bone, where the heck are you?"

Perfect plan's that are foiled are typically due to extenuating circumstances or poor execution. Unfortunately in Bone's case it was both ! The traffic from Baltimore to Philly was bumper to bumper, then when Bone decided to use iPhone' Map App find the fastest route to La Guardia, it took him through the freaking heart of the city in back roads in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Harlem! Instead of being there are 5:30 he showed up at 7:30. Mike drowned his sorrows in a Airport Bar to the count of 7 beers with another passenger who was waiting for someone, so by the time Bone picked u Mike, he was already very happy! Being it was now pushing 9:00, Mike and Bone drove straight down from Queens into Brooklyn to the home of one of the (and arguably the best) Steak Houses in New York, Peter Lugers !  

Honk a Luge at Peter Luger's !

Mike and Bone walked in to a very crowded restaurant went up to the Concierge and asked on how long for a table. To their utter astonishment, they were told, "not tonite," not only was it only 9:00 PM, but they had open tables ! Disgusted, the Boy's left and pondered their next option for a good steak, Delmonico's is awesome, but they had been there and done that, so Bone started to head into Manhattan and Mike found the closest High end steak house, which was Sparks in Mid Town, or simply a mile away !

"WTF !!" (You gentle Reader can figure it out!)

The Boys luck was looking up when they first arrived at Sparks on 46th, there was a parking space on the street RIGHT in front of the Restaurant! As the Boys went in, Mike had to remove some of the 7 beers he had at the La Guardia Bar, so Bone thought, "Good Steak, Good Wine, need a good Scotch !" and promptly ordered two double 18 Year Old, Cask-Conditioned, Macallan Single Malts. Now Bone thought it might be expensive, maybe $125 bucks, imagine his utter horror at seeing a bill for $544.16 for two drinks !!!!  

Good Friend with Good Wine !

After the Scotch fiasco, they ordered to fine steaks, a couple of Cabernet's and thoroughly enjoyed at simply great meal, ironically, the entire meal ended up being less that the cost of the two drinks!!!!

Mike and Bone's Crash Pad: The Tribeca Grand Hotel

After Dinner, the Boys wanted to dump the car so they could do NYC in style, so they check in and checked out their very cool digs for the evening the Tribeca Grand Hotel! It was simply jamming with people partying everywhere ! Dropping their bags, the Boys committed to having the last drink at the Hotel!, But next stop, and old stop ! 

A Mike and Bone Rerun: You can never quaff too many at Paddy Reilly's All Guinness Bar !!

Some places you go, you only ever need to do once, Paddy Reilly's in not one of those places ! NYC's only All Guinness Bar (as evidenced by the taps above !) has been a hangout of the Boyo's (Irish for Boy's) since the1999 Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Tour. Mike and Bone relived, reacquainted (then soon relieved) their cares to the good services of Guinness and Bushmill's !!! 

After a few too many rounds, they stumbled to the curb and grabbed a taxi. Mike's head start caused an early casualty at 11:30 PM and retired for the evening. Bone, solo, hit the Hotel Bar and the Pub across the street, mixing micr-brew beers with Vodka, all to ill effect to the early hours of the Morn!