2007 Havin' Fun on US-1 !:

Franks for  Nuttin' !!

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No franks at Franks !! During the US-1 tour the Boys detoured in South Carolina to Columbia. in order to stop into Franks Restaurant, which was not only on the Hot Dog Program, but is listed in the National Historic Places. Getting directions on Google, Mike and Bone went to the right intersection in Columbia, alas no Franks !!

Farewell to Frank and Frank's !

2007 Havin' Fun on US-1 !: Franks for Nothing !!!

In its place is a Mexican motiffed, College Bar, asking in the Bar what happened to Franks, the waitress brought out a old hippie cook. The Cook actually worked for Frank back in the day, apparently one day in the lat 1990's Frank had a massive heart attack and almost died. They closed the restaurant while Frank recuperated . Frank got out of the Hospital on a Sunday, opened the next day Monday, and closed for good the next day, Tuesday. So sadly Mike and Bone will never experience the tubesteak culinary splendour of Franks.