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A Ripping Abomination !!! Rutt's Hutt 

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Rutt's Hut in Clifton New Jersey, has been around since the 1930's and still thrives with the locals, despite being in a bizarre location and is most certainly out of the way. Why do people keep coming in droves to this hot dog emporium? It's the hot dogs, stupid! Rutt's most certainly serves just about the ugliest looking hot dog around.  Deep fat fried rather than steamed or grilled.  Cooked until its skin is mangled and torn.  The locals love to order a "Ripper", which is a hot dog that has been simmering long enough in hot oil, to rip through it's natural casing skin, and plump out it's porky goodness.  That's the classic Ripper, shown above - proving that beauty, rather than being skin deep, comes from deep within.  The meek can order "In and Outers" - hardly wrinkled at all.  Strong of spirit might consider a couple of "Cremators" cooked to a tasty black. Whatever style, top them with a layer of Rutt's secret relish, the secret ingredients being chopped cabbage and carrots.

Clifton's Dogs


"But are they any good?" Nope.  

Starving, Mike and Bone ordered a couple of "Rippers" with fries and a beer, and found the beer to be the best part of the meal !!! First, the Bar is old, dirty, and decrepit, the Help rude, and the Owner was shuffling around pissed off at Mike and Bone's Waitress screaming at her. The hot dogs were greasy from the oil and fairly tasteless, the bun's cold and stale, and the relish not very good. In fact of all the Hot Program stops to-date, this was the one place that the Boys would never go back to. Definitely thumbs down !!