2017 Good Timey Souuthern Hospitality!!!: 

 @Skin's Thrashers, Anderson South Carolina 

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Mike and Bone went down to Anderson South Carolina to check out the original Skins. Once down there they fumbled around for an hour driving to different Skin Thrashers locations, trying to find the original. Each location was closed with a sign that it wasn't open till noon. Bone found the address for the "Corporate Headquarters" and where they both figured that "had to be the spot!   Mike and Bone drove into a middle-class (nothin' fancy) suburban neighborhood to a modest ranch home and figured that "The Google" had yet made another mistake when they saw a Skin's Thrashers Truck in the drive way. Not wanting to bother anyone, the Boys pulled into to turn around when a older gentlemen asked the Boys if they needed anything.

Apologizing, Mike and Bone told the kindly gentleman that they had thought this might be the location of the original store, might he? They explained their 10 year journey of visiting all the Hot Dog Program locations and Skin's Thrashers was going to be the last. With that, his face lit up, asked the Boys to wait while he got his brothers ! A minute later there were three of Skin Thrashers Sons surrounding the Boys, so excited that Mike and Bone were so interested in the Restaurant and spent the next 20 minutes sharing with the Boys the Story of their Dad, gave the Boys tickets for free Hot Dogs and Skin Thrashers Tee Shirts!!! Mike and Bone getting a little embarrassed by the attention actually politely left the Thrashers with a great story and some great gifts; more REAL southern hospitality!!!  Mr. Thrasher said that they would call the restaurant and have them open earlier, but that was still an hour off, with that the Boys headed into bucolic downtown Anderson for a cup a Joe at very cool Coffee House called ECity and discussed what the Brothers explained how Skin's Thrashers came about!

The Original Skin's Thrasher's !! 

Per his Sons and Son-in-Law, Skins was established in Anderson, SC in 1946 by Loyd “Skin” Thrasher in a Industrial part of Town where there3 used to be a Mill.  Skin (a nickname based on a bad haircut in the Service) bought a store with a humble, “pool hall” type atmosphere Skin sold anything he could, including short-order meals such as sandwiches, hamburgers, and the same hotdogs we enjoy today.  As time passed, the hotdogs became the item of choice for Skin’s patrons.  To meet the local mill town folks’ demand for a quick and quality meal, Skin decided to get rid of the pool tables and concentrate on hotdogs.  Today the legend lives on just the same. By the 1980’s, Skins had built a reputation across upstate SC, as well as other states all across the southeast.  News outlets everywhere began spreading the word about the tiny house hidden in the heart of Anderson.   

With the Hot Doc Program Poster! 

The Atlanta Journal, Charlotte Observer, Greenville News, Anderson Independent, and a host of others told the tale of “Skin Thrasher’s Café” as it evolved into what we all now refer to simply as “The Original.”  In 1985, Skin decided to hang up his apron and pass the business on to his 2 sons and son-in-law (The very nice gentlemen Mike and Bone met).  1988 saw Skins open up the #2 store on Clemson Boulevard in Anderson and in the 1990’s Soon after, Skins was invited to make a trip to Capitol Hill to participate in the Washington DC “Taste of the South” fundraiser where each year the south’s best foods and flavors are handpicked and served in the nation’s capital with area charities receiving the proceeds.  

Skin Thrasher passed away in April of 1998, but the passion for a good hotdog and a great overall experience lives on though his family, as evidenced on how nicely the Brothers treated the Boys!

Mike and Bone showed up and the Manager (who was a friend of the Thrasher Family and had worked their since he was 15) greeted the Boys and let them know that the Brothers did in fact call ahead. Mike and ordered two each of the classic southern slaw dogs that they are known for with the required potato chips!

What did they think? Freaking awesome! the steamed buns filled with tasty chilli and slaw on top of a great hotdog simply hit the spot! Two thumbs up from Mike and Bone, one for the high quality hot dogs, one for the kindness and hospitality of the Thrasher Boys!