2007 Stealing the Steel City:

The Original Hot Dog Stand 

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"So, what is so original about the Original?"Essie's Original Hot Dog Stand opened down the street from Forbes Field just before the 1960 World Series that Bill Mazerowski won with that famous home run. You know the place is successful when bus drivers announce the stop at the corner of Forbes Avenue and Bouquet Street as "The Dirty O," a moniker used by both students and cops. Mostly, though, it is just called "The O." It's the type of place that has the distinction of needing what it calls a 10 percent "security surcharge" on all its products after midnight Sundays through Thursdays and after 10 on Friday and Saturday nights. Many a police call has originated from The O and the four corners of the intersection at which it sits. When of the University of Pittsburgh or Carnegie Mellon graduates who have long since moved away find out that Munch is a resident of Pittsburgh, they ask, "Is the O still there?" It's as if they can't imagine a place such as the Original Hot Dog Shop could survive their graduation. There are reasons for that. The O is truly an original.

The House that Essie Built !


2007 Stealing the Steel City: Two original's in the Original !!



Two Superdogs (Kosher hot dog,  American cheese, and Bacon)

with a copious amount of Fries


With two superdogs, a "small" fry, and two Bass Ales, the boys dug into the dogs and fries. The dogs were actually pretty good, but the combo of american cheese and bacon was a bit much. The fries however were awesome !!! Final analysis, if they were in the area, they would stop in again.