2005 The World's Largest Cocktail Party:

The Varsity

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Slurping Slaw-dogs. The Varsity is the World's Largest Drive-in Restaurant, where they have been serving customers in Atlanta since 1928. The Varsity serves over 18,000 hotdogs a day, and over 50,000 (!) on Georgia-Georgia Tech Saturdays. The Varsity has been one of Boneís favourite hangout since his early 80ís adventures. Mike and Bone came in around 10:00 PM to soak up the ambiance, a few slaw-dogs and some grease ! So what is a slaw dog anyhow? It is a very southern tradition of a ba

sic hotdog, with chilli sauce (no beans), mustard, and coleslaw. It sounds atrocious, but taste delicious.

The World's Largest Drive-in!

Mike and Bone getting a degree at the Varsity !!

The Varsity serves a darn fine Slaw Dog !!!