2009 Packing in the Dogs at Tony Packo's ! 

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With all the touring, Mike and Bone had neglected a very famous, somewhat local joint, so after a day of checking out War of 1812 Battlefields in Lower Michigan and Ohio they checked out Tony Packo's

The story of Tony Packo's success in Toledo's restaurant industry is certainly a record, a chronicle, an account, but most of all it is a great story.

The story starts with a young ethnic, depression era couple looking for ways to support their family while trying to pursue the American Dream. The couple had a flair for holding people spellbound with their stories, a talent for bringing people together, and most of all, an ability to take ethnic Hungarian dishes and translate them into menu offerings, at reasonable prices, for the general public. That couple was Rose and Tony Packo, Sr. The story begins on Front Street with a few streets, and bar and the nickel "Hungarian Hot Dog." Rose and Tony would cook, tend bar and tell stories.

The Tony Packo hot dog was actually a sausage split in half and nestled in a hot-dog bun, topped with Tony's Secret Sauce. To allow depression era customers to eat without hurting their pocket, the sausage was split in half and cost only 5 cents. And yes, regardless of what anyone says, their hot dog was always half a sausage, even 1932. Soon everyone was talking about "Tony's Dogs" and the gypsy music.

It grew in popularity as a place to eat, a place to meet, and a place to have fun.

As times changed so did Tony Packo's, The first room became the "Front Bar." Additional space was annexed with the purchase of adjacent buildings.

Tony Packo, Sr. died in the 60's but not before he taught his daughter Nancy and Son Tony Jr. how to run the business. Tony Jr. and Nancy continued the family tradition for years and today Tony Jr., Rob Horvath (Nancy's son) and Tony III head the Business.   

Mike, Looking for Klinger

By the 1970's Tony Packo's became more than just a place to eat, it became an institution. Someplace you had to see if you were in Toledo. Then a new story began to unfold, When celebrities were in town the ended up at Tony Packo's. Burt Reynolds was the first. What should he sign? Tony shoved a hot-dog bun in his hand and a new tradition was born. Now the bun signing was a MUST for visiting celebrities.

 Klinger's favourite franks !! Then came M.A.S.H. Jamie Farr, in his role as Corporal Max Klinger decided to reminisce about Tony Packo's and life was never the same.

Famished from the touring the Battlefields, the Boys ordered 2 dogs each with chili, mustard, and onions. When Mike asked about the history of Tony's a very nice Manager came up with free bumper stickers and a story board about the Restaurant. He sat with Mike and Bone while they waited for their order and regaled them with stories about Tony's past, such as the conga line that used to go on every Saturday night.

Bone, Mike and the Tony Packo's Manager !!

Once the dogs arrived the Boys relished the dry chili and spicy Hungarian half-dogs. Tony Packo's absolutely got an enthusiastic two thumbs up from both Mike and Bone!