Day 3:  Biloxi Blues

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The next morning after 30 hours of trashing New Orleans with Tak-ee Out-ee cups (or New Orleans trashing our budget!), they left the Crescent City traveling through Louisiana's Lake Pontchtrain towards the Gulf. 

    Objective:   Unknown.

    Goal: They were looking for a beach!

Breakfast at Tiffany's? Not!!!

Haute cuisine is not the best hangover food (nor is palatable on a bohemian budget), as the boys moved through Louisiana to Alabama, they decided it was time for some old time Southern vittles.  They stopped at a leaning, one room shack called Ma's and Pa's.  Well, Ma's and Pa's was run by two really old southerners. Octogenarian Ma took our order for fried eggs and grits on a paper napkin, then screamed the order to a very deaf Octogenarian Pa, only ten feet away at the stove. It weren't fancy, but it prevented vomiting, which if you think about it, was the major reason for eating hang over food, "ain't it?"  


Biloxi "Red" - Hot Blues

With their stomachs filled, they continued to head east along the Gulf Coast until they reached Biloxi.  In Biloxi they stopped to replenish their beer stores with a case of Miller Tall Boys (20 ounce beers) at a Fishing Pier, and then proceeded to find an abandoned beach. They were alone for the most part except for an anguished Creole who was bemoaning to the boys the recent lost of his 90 pound black Labrador to a bull gator in Louisiana the night before (another reason to get the heck out of Louisiana!)  On the beach the boys swam, played Frisbee, and drank beer (all of it!).  As the afternoon progressed, the 80 degree weather and overcast skies and beer gave the boys the idea of taking a nap.

Being done, well done. There has been many an idea that sounded good in the beginning, that has ended in tragedy.  Look at Chevy Chase's movie career! The boys didn't think that you could get sun burnt taking a nap on a cloudy day, WRONG!!!!  When the boys woke up three hours later, they were "fricasseed like a chicken" and "blackened like a fish. "  


The Jerry's Chicken Incident

Waking up the boys were burnt, very, very sun burnt, hung over, and starving!  Jumping into the Chevette the Boys continued east along the Gulf road until they came across a southern chain known as "Jerry's Chicken." Jerry's Chicken serves a buffet of chicken, mashed potatoes, grits and other great southern hangover foods.  The boys sat and feasted on the buffet to their sun burnt hearts content. 

Bad Chemistry.  Certain things just don't mix, vinegar and oil, bleach and ammonia, and Tak-ee Out-ee beer, Creole Cuisine, Ma & Pa's and Jerry's Chicken.  The volatile combination of foods and beer ingested over the past 60 hours took a horrible toll on poor Bone's tender tummy.  He proceeded to the Rest Room for a "constitutional".   Now this constitutional consisted of releasing Tak-ee Out-ee beer, Creole Cuisine, Ma & Pa's breakfast, and Jerry's Chicken back into the environment after some level of "processing."  Unfortunately, it also released noxious fumes of which the EPA declared unsuitable for human existence.  These fumes wafted out of the Rest Room into the Kitchen, and the dining area, much to the dismay of the employees and fellow patrons.  While the employees and fellow patrons were gagging and trying to determine where the ungodly smell was emanating from, the boys thought it would be a good time to leave the scene of the crime before an ugly scene were to occur.   


Trip Postscript

After Jerry's Chicken, the boys checked into a cheap motel, where Hadrian attempted suicide by banging his sun burnt knees on a cheap bed frame.   The next morning as they continued the tour east, they proceeded along the Gulf Coast into Florida, to Pensacola, with its beautiful white sandy beaches. After two hours of trying to enjoy the sun with third degree sun-burns, with their options out, the Boys decided it was time to go home. 

They jumped into the trusty Chevette and drove straight back through to Michigan, thereby ending the trip, and their first attack on America!