Day 1:    I donít Hate Ashbury

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Mike and Bone left Detroit at 5:00 Eastern Standard Time and arrived 9:00 Pacific Coast Time (11:00 PM for you easterners!).  Hadrian met Mike and Bone at the San Francisco with the trusty Chevette, however this time the boys decided to rent a real car and proceeded to rent a loaded Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

Shakin' and Quakin' in San Francisco

Since the boys had yet to imbibe (well, OK maybe a few on the plane!!), they proceeded immediately to the eternal shrine of partying and hippiedom,,,,Haight Ashbury.   There they began bar-hopping between every punk and alternative bar they could hit between 10:00 and closing time.   

Rockin' the Hard Rock

There were many a Labatt's Blue and Anchor Steam Ale that were drained in the various 'Frisco establishments, much to the consternation of our heroes gray matter the following morning. After closing time, our hammered heroes shuffled off to find a place to sleep it off.  Being the bohemian bums that they are, they found a cheap and sleazy hotel on Van Ness street (hey! it was cheap!!) near China Town, where they slept off the evening activities in preparation of beginning the tour in earnest.