Day 2:    Against the Wind: Biking Ockracoke

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Jawin' on the Ferry

After 20 minutes of trying to find the road to Ockracoke Island, they realized that it's, well,,,,   an ISLAND!!  A small body of water between the open Atlantic Ocean and Pamlico Sound separates Hatteras from Ockracoke that takes about 25 minutes to transverse in a Car Ferry. On the way over Mike and Bone struck up a conversation with a fellow from Norfolk who owned a home on Ockracoke. After 20 minutes and several Corona's, Mike and Bone learned a great deal about the Island, it's history (the home of the Battle of Ockracoke Inlet; Black Beard's last stand), and the marvellous seafood that is served on the Island.


Car'Ona's !!!!

The Boys from Berkley staying at the Berkeley Once on the Island the boys had a reservation at the Berkeley B&B. Imagine the irony of staying at a place named after the City that Sila's Pizza resided in.  Well,,   that is why they named it the Berkeley, right ?!?. Now most B&Bs are great, laid back establishments,  unfortunately this wasn't one of those. Their "Rules of the House", was longer than most mortgage applications, with stupid rules such as "No Coolers in the Rooms", for which Mike and Bone showed their adherence of (or lack of) the rules, by immediately breaking every house rule.

The Highway to Hell Mike noticed on the trip into the Village of Ockracoke from the Ferry, that a common mode of transportation was bicycles, and that for a reasonable fee you could if desired, rented these bicycles, so, what better way to tour the Island, than on bikes?  Now the journey started pleasant enough, as all disasters do, riding a 10-Speed bike with a 20-mile an hour wind pushing them along allowed Mike and Bone to cover the 3 mile length of the Island in no time flat. HOWEVER,,,


Aerially ogling Ockracoke Island !

"Against the Wind, they are just riding against the Wind - Bob Seger Now riding back against a 20 mile an hour wind when it is about 95 degrees is a completely different story, in fact it is down right nasty.  Now Mike fought bravely on and completely the journey back in about an hour.  Bone, however whined against the wind, and ended up walking his bike for half of the trip back. In fact, after 2 hours Mike had to take the car, search for, and pick up a sunburnt and exhausted Bone.  After the trial on the trail, Mike and Bone retired (literally and physically) to a local tipplery to well,,  tipple a few cold ones.


Hells Angels, after a rough day of biking !!!

After a few too many beers, the boys decided it was time to test out the wonderful seafood they kept hearing about and headed to a locally noted seafood restaurant close to their B&B.


Beating the Drum for more Drummy @ the Pelican Restaurant !!

When the boys arrived at the Pelican Restaurant, they noted that the Restaurant had an outside Patio that had two important taps,  Guinness and Bass Ale, while realizing that sitting outside in the Patio would be one of their best ideas of the day !! 

After two of the best black and tans the boy ever enjoyed they ordered the special of the day that turned out to be exceptionally special, Pecan-encrusted Drummy. Drummy, is a wonderfully flaky, light flavoured white fish that comes up into the Carolinas through the Gulf Stream (which is only 10 miles off of the Outer Banks). It turned out being one of the best meals the boys ever enjoyed on any of their travels.

By the time they were done with the drummy and the several rounds of Black and Tan's, it was pushing 9:00 PM. The Boys headed over to the only local bar in Ockracoke called Tom's, for several  more Bass Ales until 12:30AM.

 Realizing that kayaking started at 7:30 the following morning, they skedaddled back to the B&B. Especially since Kayaking and "Yakin" are not good together, the boys decided to put their assault on English ales and Irish stouts to rest for the night.