Day 2:    Getting stoned on Stone Mountain

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Rising early, the boys had planned to have a bit of fun on the six hour ride down to the World's Largest Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, and took a leisurely trek through Georgia hitting several interesting places along the way down I-75.


Jefferson, Robert E, Stonewall,,,,, Mike and Bone ?!?

The first objective for the boys was climbing Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain is a granite dome located in Stone Mountain, Georgia in suburban Atlanta, and is the world's largest exposed piece of granite and one of the largest monoliths in the world., behind Mount Augustus in Australia, and larger than Haystack Rock on the Oregon coast. Only a third of the massive rock is exposed at the time. At its summit, the elevation is 1683 feet. It is well-known not only for its geological status, but also for the ridiculous, huge carvings of the three losers of the Confederacy: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.


Mike and Bone,

on a Great Big Stone


It took Mike and fat Bone a better part of an hour to summit the big rock, while school children passed fat boy ! However the climb and time were well worth it for the view of downtown Atlanta. By  11:00AM the Boys had worked up an mighty appetite and since the Boys hadn't broken their fast since the Varsity the night before, the Boys booked on down I-75 towards their next stop, Nu Way Wieners in Macon !!


Everyone is a Wiener at Nuway !!!


Nu Way Wiener, with its original neon sign on Cotton Street in the old part of Macon, has been open as long as Nathan's on Coney Island. Opened in 1916 by James Mallis, Nu Way still serves the neon red hot dogs and chili sauce the same way they were served back in 1916. The Boys entered the Nu Way ready since the biggest taste test since the boys squared off with Gray's Papaya vs. the Papaya King in New York.


Another " A Hot Dog Program" restaurant down !!! 



A really,  really,,  really,,,  red Slaw Dog

"So, which is better?"  The outcome was similar to the New York taste test, where Mike chose the Varsity and Bone chose Nu Way. With their bellies full and the contest contested, the boys continued to head down south on I-75 to the next tour stop.


Monument to Catching a cowardly loser !!!

Only 10 minutes down the road is the little town of Irwinville, Georgia, where on May 10, 1865, Federal troops captured the cowering President of the loser Confederacy, Jefferson Davis.  Today, a monument marks the spot where Jefferson Davis was arrested. After a quick review of the site where Davis ended his four years of foolishness and the fact that it was approach 4:00 they decided to "non-stop" it the rest of the trek down to Jacksonville.


Starting the Party on I-10 !

By 4:00 PM the Boys had exercised and eaten, and were ready for some "liquid refreshment", to enjoy as they listened to the Georgia Bulldog Marching Band bark like dogs. Stopping for a 6-pack of brewski, the boys started dickering politics, Michigan Football, and life in general. The first 6-pack tasted so good that as the boys took the big turn on south I-75, east on I-10, they stopped for a 12-pack of liquid refreshment, guaranteed to tide them over until the hit the Big Party in Jacksonville, and oh, what a party they where about to jump into ! ! ! ! ! !


The Worlds Largest Cocktail Party @ Jacksonville Landing

The Boys made it to Jacksonville Landing by 8:00 PM, in very high spirits and in high party mode. The World's Largest Cocktail Party is held on the St. Johns River in an enclosed Mall, known as Jacksonville Landing, here Mike and Bone plugged immediately into the dancing and drinking with 85,000 of their most intimate Georgia Bulldog and Florida Gators friends.


Buckets o' Booze Drinking at the World's Largest Cocktail Party is a fine art in excess. EVERYTHING is supersized. Having started with 40 ounce margarita's the boys moved on to Hurricanes, which were pink rum-based drinks, that tasted like pink cool aid and were served in gold fish bowls !! after 4-5 of those the boys were partying in high-gear. They wandered in and out of the Out Door concert at the Party with pockets of fans from Georgia and Florida chanted back and forth at each other, but not with the venom of an Ohio State-Michigan Game.

A little bit of Mardi Gras Drinking and Dancing in the South does strange things to women's top's, the more drinking,  the less tops seem to be seen !! True to form, as the evening progressed, more, and more women, chose to titillate the men around them, much to the delight of Mike and Bone.

The Boys thoroughly revelled with even more cocktails and dancing until 1:00AM, when they decided that is was most prudent to leave before the Party was officially over and the civil authorities started to look for Cocktail Party revellers with more alcohol than blood (which was the case with the Boys!)  Having been massively over-served, the Boys took for ever to find their car and required two urinary pit stops in parking lots in Down Town Jacksonville. Finally, as the cops were busting people left and right, the Boys found their car and drove south towards the Sawgrass Golf Resort.


The long-ass drive to Sawgrass !

Bone had never been to Sawgrass and neither of the Boys realized it was at least a 40 minute drive South. Now time is relative, 40 minutes can seem like 4 minutes or in the case of Mike and Bone, it seem like the long, dark drive through the swamps along the coast, at least 4 hours!!

Finally, with bloodshot eyes and squeamish stomachs, they found the Hotel  where the Boys checked in, and very quickly checked out of reality into the daze of drunken sleep.