Day 3:    The Game: Gawja vs. the Gators

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Post Party Depression Oye Vay !!! the Boys wailed the next moaning, err morning recovering from far too many cocktails. Getting up at 9:00 AM quickly got ready to head to the game since the game was at Noon. Not stopping for coffee or food they groggily headed to DownTown, marvelling that they actually made it to Sawgrass considering the state they had been in.


Prowling the Pre-Game Party

It ain't at noon !?!  Rushing to park the area, they stopped for an extremely greasy breakfast at a sleezy bar outside the stadium, with cups of very bad coffee in hand they noticed that there wasn't anybody in the stadium. Walking up to Alltel Stadiums Gates, the guard told Mike and Bone that they opened up the gates two hours before game time, at 1:00 PM, the game wasn't until 3:00 PM and the Boys could have slept in !!!


A coupla Good ole' Rednecks !!!

With time to kill while their throbbing heads recovered from the Hurricanes of the Cocktail Party, the Boy's got "styling" with Bulldog tee shirts, hats, and jerseys. Fully decked out, the Boys headed over to the ESPN College Football Game Day Crew. The Boys being , good Michigan Men, listening intently to Desmond Howard state why the Bulldogs would win the Cocktail Party


Bone, contemplating stealing the National Championship Trophy for its rightful home in Ann Arbor

Not wanting to pass up the opportunity, the Boys had their pictures taken with the Sears National Championship Trophy. while Bone hummed "Hail to the Victors" !


"Gaaawja Boll-Dawgs !!!!"

Wanting to catch the pre-game warm-ups the Boys entered the chilly West End Zone of Alltel Stadium, square in the Georgia Bulldog student section, in order to check out the pregame festivities and chant ,,,,,,


The Georgia Redcoat Marching Band

"Glory, Glory to ole' Georgia !

Glory, Glory to ole' Georgia !

Glory, Glory to ole' Georgia !

And, the Hell with Florida"

Sung to the Tune "Glory, Glory Hallelujah


The florid Florida Non-Marching Band

With 15 minutes to go, only the Florida Marching Band took to the field to neither march or play all that much music. Definitely not the Michigan Marching Band.


Uga !    Uga !!    Uga !!!    Uga !!!I

It just wouldn't be a Georgia Football game without their bulldog mascot Uga VI.


A Dog Day for the Dawgs

Sadly it was a bad day for the Bulldogs, Florida had a 14 point lead by the end of the first quarter. The Georgia backup Quarterback Joe Tershinski couldn't throw the ball across the street. even though the Bulldogs battled back in the Second Half, the game was over when Georgia tried a Quarterback Sneak on a 3rd and 18.

Somewhat dejected by the Bulldog's blunders, the Boys headed out with hopes to see the Michigan-Northwestern Game in Evanston.


Waiting it out at Wild Bills

All Tell stadium in Jacksonville is not the most accessible area of Town, and after 20 minutes the Boys had only moved 2 block. Fearing that they would miss the entire Michigan game, Bone noticed a sleazy, biker bar called  Wild Bill's Saloon that had a Satellite !

Please get those saggy things outta my face !  Once in Wild Bills, two things were apparent: all the girls that worked there were topless; and none of them should have been ! As the Boys pulled up to the bar, a short old, ex-junkie, biker-type, tattooed to his neck bounced up to Mike and Bone and screamed "I' am Wild Bill, whattaya think of that !!" Bone looked him straight in the eye and said "Do you have ESPN ?` With than Wild Bill gave the Boys the TV remote, the boys found the Michigan Game, and ordered two icy cold Corona's. Four Coruna's and two half of winning Michigan Football, the Boys left Wild Bills with a split for the day, one win, and one loss.


Trip, Postscript

The next morning the Boys were both very partied out. Bone dropped Mike off at the Airport, and headed to Ocala to visit his Daughters. In reflecting on the trip, they both realized that the Georgia-Florida Rivalry was not nearly as intense as Michigan and OSU, but they sure know how to party !!!!