Day 7:    Walkin' Fools

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Waking around 9:00 AM with surprisingly only a minor hangover the Boys munched the B&B's free breakfast and did an early morning swim to shake out any final cobwebs and contemplated a walk around the entire island. After days sitting in a car a nice long walk sounded like the right medicine to the cure the Boys ills !


The early morning Sun on South Duval


The Southernmost House in the United States


Sidling down side streets in Key West

Heading south along Duvall they tracked down to the beach for a few minutes then started winding through the alleys and side streets of Key West moving out of the Duval Street tourist area.


Checking Out Duvall Street from the Beach !!

 Mike and Bone headed to the Public Beach areas to continue to dicker about politics and track around the island.


Sidling down side streets in Key West

Cutting through some side streets Mike and Bone got to see the other side of Key West, where many of the workers in Old Town live.


Fortifying at the Fort East Martello Museum

Walking in the wind and sun is thirsty work, Mike and Bone stopped to "gas up" with waters at the old Battery Museum Bookstore, which is right next to the Key West Airport. It was about this time that the Boys started realize that it was a big Island !!!


Swinging by the Salt Ponds

As they finally started to turn around the coast, the Boys walked by on of the several salt pond found on the island which serves as an estuary for multiple species of birds. However it had no taxi service which Bone was starting to really want.


"Are we there yet !!!", Making the bend west towards Duval Street

As the Boys approached US-1, Bone in particular were simply wearing out !!


Back on US-1 !!


Finally, Back in Old Town !!

They saw that the longest mile is always the last mile, and this was certainly the case for it took another hour to walk back up to Old Town and Duval Street. Completely wiped and famished, Bone suggested that they walk a few more blocks to My Blue Heaven in Little Bahamas.


Strike Out in Little Bahamas !!

Unfortunately since the walk around the Island took from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, My Blue Heaven was closed for Lunch, and Mike was a little squeamish about eating at some of the more "eclectic" restaurants in Little Bahamas so they settled on a very pedestrian luncheonette on Duval Street.


A Simple Lunch @ the Key West Diner

After lunch the Boys "retired" to the Pool to "rest" their weary eyes and feet, while floating in the pool.


Checking out "The Kingdom"

That evening it was muggier than normal and about to rain so the thought of more Margie's was not top of mind for the Boys, there was a new movie out however about the FBI in the Middle East to the Boys settled for an early evening of Popcorn and Pesi.


A Bad Moon and Bad Dining in the Marina District

After the movie, Mike and Bone hit a Out-door Restaurant in the Marina District where the Boys ordered fish and beers, unfortunately both the food and the service were fairly bad.

Or could it be that the Lad's were finally having the 2,000+ mile trip, the prior evenings debauchery, and the long walk finally catch up to them?    We will let you gentle reader make your own determination, because Mike and Bone were in bed and out like a light at 11:00 PM !!