Day 8:    Hurricane Warning

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After a week on the road it was time to bring the trip to an end, in the morning Mike and Bone started their always dreaded drive back to Miami. Mike was taking off that Morning and Bone the next day, while yakking about football with Mike Bone realized that the Miami Airport was only 9 miles from the Orange Bowl and with a whole day a head him, as well as not being able to be in Ann Arbor to watch his Wolverines, Bone decided to get his football fix by watching the Miami Hurricanes in the venerable Orange Bowl. A facility so venerable that it was being torn down at the end of the year. Which provided Bone all the incentive he needed to bid a fond adieu to Mike and boogie post haste to the game !!!


Orange you glad you came !

As Bone parked in a questionable areas he noticed that sadly the Orange Bowl is in a very skanky part of Miami, which helps explain why their are tearing it down and Miami is moving the Team to Joe Robie Stadium in a different part of town.


A Wolverine in the Orange Bowl !!

Bone grabbed his obligatory hot dog (how can you watch a football game with out a dog !!) and program a sidled into a seat in the corner of the End Zone.


U see the Miami Band !?!

The Canes kept it somewhat close in the first half. Surprisingly Georgia Tech (one of Sherry Ann's favorite teams) was running the ball with impunity all over the once vaunted Miami Defense. First-year Miami Coach Randy Shannon's team was certainly showing their youth.


Haft-time !!


A Frying Bone

Watching  college football in the Big House in October is usually a very pleasant experience, the heat and humidity of Summer have waned and it is still warm enough for light clothes. October however in Miami is a hot, humid, and sweaty affair.  As Bone sweated the game both figuratively and literally he wondered how the players for either side could deal with this nonsense !?



U !, U !!, You !!!


4th Quarter !!!!

Despite losing in the 4th Quarter the fans were still rabid and the taut cheerleader led the crowd in the "U" Cheer


Sadly, The Hurricanes lost to Georgia Tech that day 24 to 32. Despite the loss, Bone still had a great time ! In a quite a show of class The Miami Coach led the team to the Band where they all sang their Alma Mater to end the game.


A Very Posh Trip, Postscript

The Marriott Key Largo !

After the Game Bone headed back down into the Keys where he had reserved a room at the Marriott Key Largo, being a Platinum Member, they gave Bone a suite overlooking the Ocean where Bone was able to swim outside, drink margies at a Tiki bar and watch Michigan trounce Minnesota in an evening game. Afterwards he walked down to the Jungle Zone Bar where Humphrey Bogart and luscious Lauren Bacall filmed the Noir Picture with Edward G. Robinson, "Key Largo !"

By Midnight Bone was bushed and crashed, he rose early and flew to Charlotte thus ended one of the longest Mike and Bone trips to date !