Day 1: Scoffing the Law!

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Ah for the plans of mice and men! Realizing that they only had a limited amount of time due to the Riot-based Curfew, the plan was for Mike to land at 8:00 be in Federal Hill at 8:30, and drinking till 10:00!

Unfortunately the gods of the weather did not cooperate, a storm that was moving towards Baltimore held up Mike flight which did not land till 8:50. Now most mortal men would simply bag it and call it a day, and get off the streets! The Boys raced into the City and up Federal Hill parking on Light Street in order to hit a great cheese steak place, MaGerks!

Only to be denied! Many of the restaurant were closing at 9:00 in order to let their staff to get out of the city and home before 10:00. Hungry and thirsty, the Boys checked out the Abbey, closed!  All hope seemed lost, they started to walking back to the car, when around the corner there was ONE brave establishment!

Mike and Bone: Drinking @ Curfew @ the Blue Agave!

The Boys strode (really ran like girls!) into the Blue Agave which appeared open and asked three critical questions:

The delightful answer to all three were yes! yes!! and Heck Yeah!

Quickly ordering around of drinks and two great steak burrito dinners, the Boys started kibitzing with the Bar Staff and a local Federal Hill-ite for Bone, a dude named Michael, on their thoughts on the Riot and curfew.

The Dinners came within 10 minutes or 9:40, giving Mike and Bone plenty of time to eat and order at least one more round of beers and margies!  The Locals were pretty annoyed at the curfew. Quite frankly all the "action" was in West Baltimore at North (AKA US 1) and Penn meet. Despite being miles away, the entire City had to suffer, especially the wait staffs that make their living on tips. Around 5 to 10:00 the very cool Manager of Blue Agave, hadda boot the Boys, so they boogied in their car the 4 blocks the Bone's Harborview complex and out of harms or the Cops way!

Bone cello Two, Harborview in Federal Hill

Noshing on Natty Bo's

Being confined to quarters did not confine the drinking! Bone had bought some local Baltimore beers that are much loved locally. National Bohemians (or colloquially known as Natty Bo') is their Strohs beer. Unfortunately it is closer to a cross of Hamms and Blatz! Thereby making it Nasty Bo's!

Bone's Baltimore !

With local sud's in hand, the Boys retired to Bone's 6th Floor deck to look over the Inner Harbor and hear the continuous buzz of the Police Helicopters flying around Baltimore with spot lights chasing Curfew scofflaws ! The bizarre scene continued till about 11:30 when the Boys called it a night. Just in case the cops came to the door and shushed them for being awake ! :-)