Day 1: Pepping with the Band and Prepping with Wings!

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The Heat is on!

Mike and Bone smartly met at the Orlando Airport from their separate journeys from GR and Baserkley. Going outside into Enemy Gator Teritory to get their rental car they were greeted with a free-of-charge sauna. Now being winter in Meechigan, most peoples would say 85 degrees is a treat, or sweet, but with the humidity in the 80% as well it was sweat, not sweet! The Boys landed in Orlando just in time to bring in the New Year with some of their best friends such as Carl Grapentine (the voice of Mich Football at the Big House), Jack Harbaugh, Jim Brandstader, Dan Dierdorf, Lloyd Carr (The 2016 Citrus Bowl grand Marshall! ), 250 members of the Mighty Meechigan Marching Band, and well all the local Michigan Wolverine Nation!

Mike and Bone properly prepping for the Prep Rally!

Or Buds sharing Buds!!!

The Mighty Meechigan Marching Band playing  . . . .

"The Victors!"

Enjoying their beers, Mike and Bone got revved up listening to the Band play Game-time favorites such as "The Victors", and "Varsity", hear Dierdorf and Brandy talk about playing for Bo, and  Lloyd Carr tell the crowd how Jack Harbaugh helped him get his job with Bo at Michigan. It was a rousing rally that got the crowd jacked up and ready for the game! 

Mike and Bone, representing the presumptive Michigan Wolverine Champions

 with the BWW Citrus Bowl Trophy!

By sheer happen-stance, Mike and Bone where right next to the Buffalo Wild Wing Citrus Bowl Trophy that the very kind organizers let the crowd take a picture with. With a few beers in them and jacked by the Prep Rally, the Boys thought it would be appropriate to prepare the trophy for the Wolverines!  

"Well, When in Rome"

By now it was pushing 2:30, the Boys hadn't eaten lunch nor anything since they landed around Noon, and since they were standing next to the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl Trophy, for the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl, and since they were too far from Good Time Charlie's, and fortuitously right next to a  Buffalo Wild Wings, Mike and Bone decided to watch College Football, eat wings, and drink beer at a  Buffalo Wild Wings!!! Getting into some air conditioning eating some wings, and drinking beer while watching the astonishing dismantling of the Florida State Seminoles by the Tom Herman-led Houston Team was quite amazing.

In pure Good Time Charlie's style, the Boys ate wings, queso, and drank beer for several hours watching two more Bowl Games till around 7:00 when they decided to get ready for the Bama- Michigan State Playoff Game, where they would change things up, by eating more Chicken wings drink beer, and watch more football!!!  

News Years Eve, "What Ales the Spartans? A Crimson Tide!"

One of the things about Orlando is that it has to be the biggest home for chains: hotels, amusements, and restaurants. There is one thing Mike and Bone don't like (their recent visit BWW excepted) is chains. Desperate to find a loca place they were strongly recommended with awesome chicken fingers called Millers Ale House, which was only a mile up the road, which made driving back on News Eve after a few pops a lot easier!  

Originally Mike and Bone considered the novelty sitting outside on the deck watching the game, but the humidity and smoking-stupidity chased them inside where the chicken fingers were awesome and the game even better!

Just like a few years ago where Bama embarrassed the Mike D'-Antonio led Sparty's, the Saban-led squad didn't let Little Brother score a point, further embarrassing poor Snarky Mark on a National stage. Conner looked thoroughly Cooked by the end of the Game, saying on camera, where the F**k the Bama defenders were coming from!. By Mid-Night as 2016 came in Mike and Bone toasted the Spartan's defeat and the hopeful Michigan victory over the Gators!