Day 17: Post Trip Prost with a Paulaner

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Mike and Bone had an early morning wakeup in order to fly with the Road Scholars on a small commuter jet from the Luxor Airport back to Cairo.


Careening to Cairo!

Once back in Cairo, Mike and Bone made their fond farewell to Safwat, the best of the Road Scholar guides of the three countries. With that the Road Scholars went one way. Mike and Bone went another, and had an interesting interaction with Egyptian Security!


Road Scholars, Out!!

It was too early to check in, so Mike and Bone couldn't wait inside the building, so they went out, found a Starbucks and enjoyed a coffee for an hour or two in the pleasant afternoon sun. Coming back they had another challenge in getting back in until an understanding Egyptian Official helped the Boys get back into the airport, with the drama over the Boys settled down for a 4 hour flight to Frankfurt!


Ain't Nothing like Western Food!

Landing in Frankfurt, Bone knew this airport from several IBM Trips there and knew where to stay (the Hilton Airport!) and where to get some awesome Deutschland food! After a few Paulaner's (at the Paulaner Restaurant), viener schnitzel, and spaetzle, the Boys were comfortably back in the Western Hemisphere.


Trip, Postscript!!!

After a great nights sleep in a real hotel bed, Mike and Boy boarded first class for a comfortable flight back to the States.


What a trip! The Boys travelled 17,550 miles visiting four countries on three continents. From Rome, to Jerusalem, to Amman, to Petra, to Giza, Valley of the Kings, Karnak, and finally Luxor, Mike and Bone "roamed"  Ancient Rome, leaving empty boiled beef tray, empty beer bottles and their typical trail of terror!